Top 10 Work From Home Jobs For Stay at Home Moms

Stay at home moms need work from home jobs just not to lose their mental health. Being a full-time mom or full-time housewife is a herculean task. Especially when you have kids and a hubby to take care of, you just have to be super talented in multitasking as the demands are usually very high. So high that most women find it difficult to pursue their careers.

It’s difficult going through the responsibility of being a mom and still going out to work just to help out with the bills. I have friends who are moms that wake up as early as 4 am just to make sure they meet up for the family and work. And I feel for them. The fact that the bible says that women are made from a man’s bone doesn’t mean that they should be seen as a robot. Moms are human too.

So in this post, I’ll be sharing with you 10 jobs you can do, as a mom, to make money online.

List of Work from Home Jobs for Moms to Make Money Online

1. Blogger

I’m starting with this because this is my profession. I am a proud blogger and I love what I do. Blogging is a business that has transformed the lives of most moms. 95% of female bloggers are moms (either single moms or married). They make thousands of dollars online writing blog posts and managing their website(s). You can even blog from your mobile phone while waiting for the cashier at the grocery store to get your change.

As a blogger, you monetize your blog by signing up to ad agencies like AdSense, Ezoic, Media Vine etc. When they approve your application you’ll see ads on your site. Payment depends on people’s clicks and also when they view.

You also make money online as a blogger via Affiliate Marketing. When someone buys a product that you review on your website through your affiliate link, you get a commission.

Organisations can also reach out to you just to get customers and you get paid for that too.

You can sell products or courses via your blog and make good money right from your bedroom.

There are blogging courses on Coursera and 10 FREE Blogging Tools That Will Make You a Better Blogger.

2. Youtuber

You can make money as a, stay at home mom while you work on your YouTube channel serving unique content to your audience. A YouTube channel is an account you post videos for your subscribers to watch.

You can monetize your YouTube channel and get paid for it. You can also make money from your YouTube channel when you market affiliate links or sell your products.

If you do not have a phobia of cameras or aren’t shy before one then this is for you. You need a very good camera and a smartphone are necessities for a Youtuber.

Who else will teach you Everything You need to Create On YouTube apart from Youtube itself?

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3. Affiliate Marketer

Okay, this is how affiliate marketing works. A company makes a product or service or all their products or services available for affiliate marketing. They give you a unique URL to the product called an affiliate link. You get people to pay for the product or service and they pay you a commission. It’s a win-win scenario for you, the company and your followers.

Affiliate marketing gives you passive income. One affiliate link keeps getting you money till you are tired. You can push your link online through any channel; a blog, YouTube channel, social media handles etcetera.

There are lots of affiliate marketing programs that you can go for, get an affiliate link and place the link… probably in your bio or anywhere you know you can drive traffic to the link.

There’s this Free Affiliate Marketing Course for Beginners. Give it a trial.

4. Web designer

This role is a little technical but it’s one of my favourites. Most people think you need to have a degree in computer science or be a programmer for you to develop a website but this is not true. With web builders like WordPress, Wix and Squarespace, you can build any type of website you want.

Most companies do not know the importance of having an online presence as they are yet to explore it. Majorly because the top executives are not tech/internet savvy. When they decide to come online they usually prefer cheaper options. Hence they look for web designers like you to get them online.

You can build a corporate website, blog, e-commerce website, forums or even build all of them into one single domain and it will still be beautiful and efficient. All you need to do is host this site and its like like every other website.

As beautiful as scholarsly is, she’s built with WordPress and I never had any headache with codes… I also build websites for people and I can confidently tell you that it’s not as demanding as you think. Knowing how to code is an added advantage though.

You can Learn Complete Web Development From Scratch or WordPress for Beginners: Create a Website Step by Step online and sell this skill online just to make money online.

5. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is someone that helps a client with anything without being physically present with the client. The main reason you are employed as a VA is for your employer to focus on other tasks he/she has at hand.

There’s no precise job description for a Virtual Assistant. You can be an email admin, a personal assistant, Social Media Manager, scheduler, graphic designer, writer, data entry personnel or any job that doesn’t require you to be with your employer or team. I know someone that is a VA and her task was to wake her boss up at a scheduled time via online call and tell her what her schedule for the day is. VA jobs are that crazy.

Virtual Assistants keep in touch with their employer or team via conference calls, video calls, Instant Messaging platforms etc. You need to a computer literate, open to new ideas and have strong communication skills to succeed in this role.

You can get this role via channels like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, indeed etcetera.

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If you don’t know about the virtual assistant role, you can learn how to become a Virtual Assistant.

6. Content Writer / Copy Writer / Proofreader

There are different contents that you can write about. You can be a Resume Writer, SEO writer, news writer, scriptwriter, copywriter etc. There are so many different types of writers. The honest and sincere shocker is that you don’t need to go to the office to do this. You can write a blog post, news, film, or book whatsoever right from your sofa. After writing you submit it to your employer online. Publishers and bloggers are always on the lookout for writers because they need to serve their audience with fresh and valuable content on schedule.

You can also be a proofreader. A proofreader checks for grammar blunders, facts, content clarity, plagiarism and more on an article before it is published. It’s simply a second check as no one is perfect most especially in writing and companies do not want an article full of blunders to go live. Proofreaders also come up with content ideas too.

Coursera has Top Content Writing Courses for you.

7. Transcriber

Transcribing jobs are remote jobs that require you to convert audio or video files into text. A transcriber is a professional that writes or types what someone else is saying. Subtitles of movies are transcribed. Some YouTubers who run blogs need a transcriber so that they wouldn’t need to stress themselves writing blog posts on the same topic

This is the easiest job you can get online. There are not many transcribers out there as the demand for transcribers is increasing daily. Most people do not know about this job even with the increasing demand. Most transcription companies will train you and employ you. All they need from you is your interest in the job. You can become a transcriber today if you want to. There are numerous transcription companies out there like GoTranscript, TranscribeMe, Scribie, CastingWords, QuickTate, Tigerfish, Rev, GMR Transcription etc. They pay in varying ways. Some pay per hour, some pay per transcripted content and some pay per word.

You just have to be fast at typing at least 75WPM and be able to proofread your work. As a transcriber, you need a noise cancellation headset, a computer, and a very quiet environment. You also need tools like Express Scribe, OTranscribe. You also need to be a good listener.

Skillshare has Online Transcription Classes. You can also learn How to Transcribe and Excel In General Transcription on Udemy.

If you want to know more about transcription, I have a blog post where I talked about everything you need to know about transcription.

8. Translator

A translator is a language interpreter. A professional that translates materials (both audio and text) from one natural language to another.

There’s an increasing rise in demand for translators. Businesses are trying to reach other countries and their online presence needs to be flexible for anybody to be able to read through and understand. You cannot render a French website in a Russian community. You need a translator to re-write your website from French to Russian. This is where a translator comes in. You can execute this from the comfort of your soft huggy bed. You need to be fluent in the second language to succeed as a translator.

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One thing I like about this role is that it will help you hone your language skill. You’ll stay fluent in the other language.

You can learn How to Become a Translator without a Degree in Udemy. Also, Middlesex University London has Courses for interpreting and translation

9. Customer Support Specialist / Customer Service Representative

A Customer Support Specialist aka Customer Service Representative is a professional that attends to the needs of customers, especially inquiries and complaints.

Since the return from the 2020 lockdown, there has been a rise in demand for customer service professionals to work from home.

What the job entails is taking calls from call-in customers and responding to their questions. There are also customer service representatives that respond via calls and chats.

What I have noticed recently is that most support staffs are women. Most companies prefer women to men for this role. Maybe so maybe not.

You need a very quiet environment for this role. You also need a home office setup to be efficient and deliver on your KPIs without ado. Skills required to excel in this role includes computer literacy, problem-solving abilities, empathy and excellent communication skills and willingness to learn company product and/or service. At the end of the month, you get paid sitting at home.

You can get this kind of role from firms like indeed, Upwork, glassdoor etcetera.

Check this out on LinkedIn Learning: Customer Service: Serving Customers through Text and Chat and Build Your Skills In Customer Service will give you deep knowledge of what the role entails and prepare you for it.

Here are amazing skills you need to build on for customer service.

10. Social Media Manager

Your duty as a social media manager does not require you to go to a physical office. When is required of you is to maintain an online presence on a social media platform or across different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etcetera.

You post company products on these online platforms, reply to inquiries or complaints from different customers and ensure customer satisfaction. The major downside of social media platforms is the turnaround time. You just have to reply in less than 30mins (within work time) to customers’ complaints to keep the dignity of your brand intact. But most times you won’t be the only person working as an SMM in your organisation. Nor will you be doing all the responsibilities Social Media Managers undertake.

Tools that you can use to stay efficient as a social media manager include; Hootsuite, Buffer, Agorapulse etcetera.

Little secret, I manage Scholarsly’s social media channels most time from my mobile phone. Just to let you know that you can perform some tasks as a social media manager using your phone.

A course like Social Media Marketing – Go from Beginner to Job-ready will get you job-ready.


There are so many other opportunities for moms to make money online. This is just the top 10 of them all. So whichever is your preference there’s enough room for you to succeed. Pick one or two that you are interested in. If you have the required skill set, perfect. But if you don’t, there are courses online for you to enrol and learn.

If you have any suggestions or questions, you can use the comment box below. I’ll be glad to reply.

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