Tulane Scholarships: How to Get One and How They Work

Tulane University is pleased to provide an expanding number of endowed Tulane scholarships to students as a result of the kindness of donors. Many Tulane University students receive financial aid, but only a small percentage of these students receive it from endowed, donor-sponsored scholarships. Being selected to receive a named scholarship is an honour. The kindness of its donors, many of whom received scholarships while attending Tulane, is what allows these funds to exist.

Each year, these scholarships are given out after a thorough selection and review procedure. There is no separate application process; instead, Tulane “match” you to scholarships based on requirements you already meet. While you are a student, you may be the recipient of one or more endowed Tulane scholarships.

You must keep up with certain requirements throughout your 4-year (5-year for architecture) undergraduate studies to continue receiving scholarships.

Partial Scholarships

Their partial tuition scholarships, which can be worth up to $32,000 a year, are given by the admission office without a special application and are determined by the quality of the admission application in relation to the applicant pool for the given year.

Fully-Funded Scholarships

These prizes are intended to honour outstanding high school achievement, fierce competition in standardised test scores, outstanding involvement in the community and secondary or high school education, and exceptional intellectual promise.

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Deans’ Ho/nor Scholarship (DHS)

To be eligible:

Complete the Early Action or Early Decision application for admission. I submit my separate scholarship application through your Green Wave Portal by December 5 along with a creative project and a teacher recommendation.
The Deans’ Honor Scholarship Application Preparation can be downloaded (PDF)

In late February, winners are notified.

The Deans’ Honor Scholarship recipients from the previous three years all had ACT scores of at least 31 or SAT scores of at least 1400.

Paul Tulane Award


  • Complete the Early Action or Early Decision admissions application and submit it. Through your Green Wave Portal, I submit the separate scholarship application with essays by December 5th.
  • Get the Paul Tulane Award Application Preparation document (PDF)

Late February is when winners are notified.
The last three Paul Tulane Award winners all had ACT scores of at least 31 or SAT scores of at least 1400.

Stamps Scholarship

  • identifies and honours outstanding students who demonstrate innovation, service, leadership, scholarship, and perseverance.
  • Our most esteemed merit honour
  • provides an enrichment fund to support activities like study abroad, undergraduate research, academic or co-curricular conferences, and unpaid internships in addition to covering the full cost of attendance.
  • made possible by the Stamps Scholars Program, a highly esteemed scholarship programme nationally, and Tulane University’s fund matching
  • Each year, approximately 5 are given.


Complete your Early Action or Early Decision application by December 5 to be considered for the Deans’ Honor Scholarship or the Paul Tulane Award.

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In the early spring, a few finalists will be invited for interviews.

Sotomayor Full-Tuition Public Service Scholarship

This scholarship—named in honour of Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor—is given to a student who has excelled academically and shown a dedication to public service. One student will receive this merit scholarship each year for four years at full tuition.

Submit a complete Early Action or Early Decision I application for admission.

Other Scholarships

Community Service Fellowship

  • Students who excel academically and with exceptional commitment to serving the community through leadership, passion, peer engagement, and resourcefulness are rewarded.
  • up to $20,000 annually merit-based financial aid
  • May be combined with other merit awards for a maximum of the tuition cost.
  • Every year, about 15 awards are given.

Community Service Fellows will;

  • Become a part of a group of engaged and active Fellows on campus.
  • Attend group meetings every month
  • Complete 100 hours a year in service and leadership on average.
  • Learn how to be a dynamic leader, a supporter of the community, and a service ambassador.
  • regularly use the Center for Public Service’s resources and advice.


  • Submit a complete admissions application via Early Action or Early Decision. I submit the separate scholarship application by December 5 via your admission application status portal.
  • Preparation for Community Service Fellowship Application

The winners will be notified in March.

Winners are notified by April 1

Architecture Portfolio Award

  • A one-time scholarship of up to $10,000 is available.
  • Only admitted students who applied Early Decision I or II or Early Action and listed Architecture as their first or second major on their Tulane application are eligible.
  • A digital portfolio must be submitted through your Green Wave Portal.
  • Tulane School of Architecture and the Office of Undergraduate Admissions reviewed the application.
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  • Submit your digital portfolio immediately after you submit your application for admission

Louisiana Resident Scholarships

Tulane’s Focus Louisiana programme offers additional scholarship opportunities to Louisiana residents. Please see our page on financial aid for Louisiana residents for more information.

International Student Scholarships

For students applying from outside the United States, there are additional scholarship opportunities. Please check for financial aid for international students for more information.

People also ask

Does Tulane give scholarships?

Tulane University provides both merit and need-based financial aid. All admitted students are considered for merit-based scholarships, and the selection process is unbiased. Our Office of Financial Aid also offers a variety of need-based aid awards and programmes.

Is Tulane a hard school to get into?

It is difficult to gain admission to Tulane. The university received 45,517 applications for admission to its Class of 2025 and admitted 9.7% of them, or 4,428 people. While Tulane’s acceptance rate is extremely low, the strength of your profile determines your chances of acceptance.

How much is the Paul Tulane award?

Tulane University offers the Paul Tulane Award, which is a full tuition fee waiver. It is available to incoming undergraduate students who want to study at Tulane University in the United States. To be considered for this award, applicants must submit a separate application.


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