7 Wisdom For Christian Singles

7 Wisdom For Christian Singles
7 Wisdom For Christian Singles
  1. Love is sweet but if we are not careful, our love and emotions will destroy our relationship with God.
  2. Nothing is worth it irrespective of how good it is if it makes us sin against God.
  3. Your most amazing love may not be your most amazing marriage partner. Love and marriage are two different things.
  4. You may not marry the person you loved most, but you may love the person you married most.
  5. Secret sin will secretly eat you up until it renders you empty in the public.
  6. Romance, kissing and touching, no matter how matured you are towards it, will hinder your relationship with God.
  7. Be courageous to break the Relationship that breaks your relationship with God. You may never know what’s waiting for you in the future with God.

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