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Oh Ngiyazi – Joyous Celebration (Audio, Video and Lyrics)

Joyous Celebration Songs

Video : Oh Ngiyazi by Joyous Celebration

Audio : Oh Ngiyazi by Joyous Celebration

Oh Ngiyazi Lyrics by Joyous Celebration

Oh ngiyazi ngingubani kuy’ uJesu
[Oh I know who I am in Jesus]O ngiyazi ngingani kuy’ uJesu
[I know my agenda with Jesus]Vesi number 1 kwabaseRoma 8
[Verse number 1 Romans 8]Akusekh’ ukulandwa kubo abakuJesu
[There is no condemnation for them in Jesus]Vesi number 7 kumaHubo 4
[Verse number 7 Psalms 4]Ungigcwalisile ngayo injabulo
[You fill my heart with joy]Oho oho oho oho
Ungigcwalisile ngayo injabulo


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