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10 Prayers for Relationships [for Couples Married, Engaged and Dating]

Because love is patient and kind, we all want the perfect person to walk alongside us. With whom we can passionately lock our gaze and fill our hearts with love. Love is lovely, but it is not without flaws.


You may have heard that a couple who prays together (whether married, dating, or engaged) stays together. This may sound cliche, but it emphasizes a critical aspect of Christian relationships. Being with someone from a different background than yours is difficult. No matter how much you both love each other, disagreements will arise, eliciting unwanted emotions such as jealousy and anger that can suffocate the relationship.

Furthermore, the devil is out to destroy anything good in Christians’ lives, including beautiful relationships. The relationship must be fruitful, and God’s plan must be realized. Forever is an extremely long time to be with the wrong person or to be in an unhappy marriage. Prayer helps to strengthen the relationship by providing clarity on the next steps and birthing God’s purpose for the relationship.

10 Prayers for Relationships

Prayer to Be A Peace Maker

Help me, Heavenly Father, to be a peacemaker. Help me maintain a peaceful relationship with those with whom I am having difficulties. Also, assist me in bridging gaps between people who are at odds with one another. Give me the tools I need to complete this task because I can’t do it without You. May You be given all the credit for this. Thank you very much, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayer for Family

Dear Jesus, Thank you for thinking of my family. Being a part of my family can be messy, wonderful, challenging, and life-giving, and today, I hand over these precious relationships to you. I pray that you would be at work in my family, moving among us and strengthening our bonds in ways that bring you glory, honor, and praise.

I praise you for the family members who have grown to know and love you, and I thank you for the ways they encourage and uplift me in my own faith. Lord, I also pray for family members who do not yet know you, and I ask that you move and work in their lives, opening their eyes and hearts to who you are and how you love them.

I pray that you would bring healing and restoration to the places of brokenness in my family. I pray that you would bring your peace to the places where there is anger. I pray that you would bring comfort to those who are in pain. Thank you for the joyful moments, sweet celebrations, deep love, and connections between us. Thank you for the memories we have shared, as well as for all the ways you have demonstrated your deep love and unending faithfulness to us.

We ask that you, Jesus, continue to protect, guide, strengthen, and encourage our family. We give you the glory today and ask that your plans be carried out through each of us. Amen.

Prayer For Dealing with Conflict

Even though we love each other deeply, God of love and peace, we still have disagreements. Assist us in dealing with conflict in a productive and loving manner. Assist us in not being overbearing or insisting on a certain way of doing things. Help us to be adaptable, accommodating, and respectful of the perspectives of others. Remind us to avoid anger and ridicule when we disagree. Assist us in getting to the bottom of the problem. Amen.

Prayer of Encouragement for All Relationships

Jesus, I come to you today to express my appreciation for the people in my life. Friends, coworkers, relatives, neighbors, mentors… all of them enrich my life in ways that I am eternally grateful for. I pray that in my communities and among my friends, we will always bear one another’s burdens and love one another. I pray that we will encourage and build one another up while serving one another.

Lord, may I come to you in prayer every day, thanking you for all the relationships in my life and asking that you be present and active in each of them. Strengthen my bonds with my loved ones. Open my eyes to new friendships and people with whom I can connect. Please help me to forgive freely, let go of grudges, live humbly, and serve others willingly. You alone are worthy of all praise; may all of my relationships bring you glory, Lord. Amen.

Prayer for Physical Intimacy

Lord, my Redeemer, thank you for being the source of all true joy in life. May we appreciate the gift of physical intimacy that you have bestowed upon us. May we give and receive pleasure with a grateful heart to you. According to your word, you are a Good Father who gives us good gifts. Please assist us in using this gift wisely to love and bless one another. Be glory, majesty, dominion, and authority to you, our God, before all time, now, and forever. Amen. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Prayer for Struggling Relationship

Father, Thank You for Jesus’ example on earth. We know You have a plan for our lives and the people in it, and we trust You. We will not always get along with everyone. We are not always going to act in a Christ-like manner. Help us to feel less ashamed of our flaws and to extend grace to others.

Christ came to forgive us for every sin that He knew we would choose to bear. Imperfect people interacting with imperfect people can be messy on Earth. Every day that we wake up to breathe again, we ask You to cover us in Your grace and convict our hearts to change and love more like Jesus. Forgive us for allowing the sharp edges of our sensitivities to dominate conversations and our anxieties to cloud our judgment. Help us to see others through Your eyes, as souls You adore as much as we do.

Bless our hearts to soften toward others while keeping us safe from deceptive motives. Help us to hear a clear word from You when you want us to leave a relationship, whether friendly or romantic. Bless our friendships so that they are godly and God-centered. Bless our marriages and make them long and prosperous. When we have marital problems, give us godly advice and reconciliation so that we can honor our lifelong commitment to You and each other. Show us how to be more like Jesus, how to love as He spoke and as You command, by illuminating Your Word and blessing us with Your presence. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Prayer for Acceptance of Differences

God of all grace, help us to be gracious to one another in areas where we differ greatly. Assist us in realizing that we don’t have to have the same personality or preferences in everything. Help us recognize that a happy relationship is one in which the other person completes you – and that this often necessitates different strengths, abilities, and perspectives. Teach us to accept the other person for who they are. Amen.

Prayer for Unity

Lord, I declare that the very power that raised Jesus from his death is continuing to fight for me and my partner so that we may live as one. Allow the trials of life to push us further into total reliance on You to keep us together.

I am confident that taking up our cross and laying down our lives for one another will lead to an incredible life of love together. We are unified. Teach us to think collectively, rather than selfishly or independently. We’ll finish the race together if You lead us to step by step.

Prayer for Core Values

Abba Father, assist us in living out our individual and shared core values authentically. Allow us to understand, respect, and encourage what is most important to the other person. Help us to achieve unity in our fundamental beliefs about life and God, our moral understanding, our priorities, motivations, and goals. May we cultivate a mutually respectful relationship and be able to discuss these issues thoughtfully, with insight and wisdom. Amen.

Prayer to Move Past Resentment and Bitterness

Father, You are not surprised by the ways of the world or our sinful nature. When our anger flares, move our hearts toward compassion and peace in a way that only You can. We must purge our hearts of bitterness and resentment. God, we don’t want to be unforgiving people. Christ died on the cross to atone for our heinous sins. The long version of our story is only known to you. Persuade us to tell it frequently. Make us a conduit for Your Love. Remove the bad habits and relationships from our lives. In Your Word, give us hope and encouragement.

We are a new creation in Christ. Thank You for changing us, as painful as growth can be, and drawing us closer to You with every bitterness and resentment we express. Protect us from harboring these unhealthy emotions, and keep our hearts safe as we follow in the footsteps of Jesus. LORD, we adore You. We entrust You with our lives and pray that your will be done for them rather than ours. By the way, we live, may all who see us know Your unfathomable love. In the name of Jesus, Amen.


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