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Say a Prayer for Me

Say a Prayer for Me
Say a Prayer for Me

Even while some religious individuals may not like to acknowledge it, the majority of them can probably recall a time when saying a few prayers each day wasn’t exactly a part of their regular routine.


Many people resort to their daily prayers when life becomes stressful, challenging, or depressing. When things are going well or when life is hectic, it may be simple to forget about the habit. But making it a practice to heal through prayer each day is a terrific approach to prioritizing quiet time with God and staying rooted in your faith on a regular basis.

Reading a prayer for today can help you feel more connected to God and can also reduce stress and worry on a regular basis.

Finding a place to start, however, can be intimidating if it has been some time since you have read Scripture from the Bible. Because of this, it can be useful to have a few quick go-to Bible verses and prayers that can offer direction and encouragement during every stage of your life, whether you pray frequently or infrequently (every day, week, or month, for example).

The most crucial thing to keep in mind is that God is always willing to hear your prayers, regardless of how frequently you make them.

Prayers Bring Strength and Recovery in Hard Times

It’s simple to feel hopeless and as though things will never get better when you’re experiencing emotional, mental, or bodily pain. Untangling yourself from these spinning ideas can occasionally be a perplexing and challenging procedure. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that you are not alone and that there are actions you can take to recover, find calm, and regain your strength. Reading or speaking a healing prayer out loud is one way to go about this procedure. Prayer can offer solace while the healing process is taking place, regardless of the challenge you are facing in terms of your health, job, family, relationship, or anything else.

The issue you are now facing won’t be resolved by reading or reciting these prayers to someone you care about. To deal with the underlying issue, you might need to take alternative measures, including talking to a specialist. Everyone’s road to recovery looks different, but comforting prayers can be helpful when you most need them. Most people’s mental and emotional health was damaged by the Covid-19 pandemic, particularly when it comes to experiencing grief, loss, and pain. Strengthening words and prayers for the sick can help ease some of the loneliness and isolation that many people have experienced (and are still experiencing) throughout the pandemic.

You can also share these consoling prayers with a friend or family member who is struggling. Just as reading prayers for healing can give you courage, keeping them in your thoughts and prayers can help them find serenity.

Short Prayers for Me

Short Prayer for Difficult Times

I pray that we can maintain our faith despite the challenges we face. I hope that we can spread the good news of Jesus to everyone in our community and that the lies and evil plots of the enemy will fail. I pray that you will put people into the lives of those who do not know you, people who can give them the truth and give them hope. Lord, thank you for your peace. We are grateful that we can approach you and that you accept us where we are. We ask this via Jesus. Amen.

Prayer for the Broken-Hearted

Kind Father God, only You understand the anguish that is buried deep within my heart, and only You are able to mend my wounded heart. My heart is fluttering inside of me, You who are my Comforter in sadness (Jeremiah 8:18). Father, I turn to You in this darkest hour of my life, asking You to mend my brokenness and extend Your healing to every ripped and torn-apart part of my heart. Lord, You created my innermost being and sewed me together in my mother’s womb, and You are the only one who has the power to heal this heartache.

I thank You, Father, because according to your promise, “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed,” I can find release from my suffering in You (John 8:36). I appreciate Your being with me through this period of utter sadness and loss. I release my deepest grief in Your lovely name and accept Your rich life. Father, I accept Your release from my hurt so that You might mend my heart today. I look to you to transform my sadness into joy and to make my numerous tears into songs of delight.
Jesus be praised, Amen

Prayer for your kids

Lord, I give my children up to Your care and guardianship, and I submit my will for them to Your will. Although you travel everywhere my child goes, I know I can’t. Please keep them safe. Give us knowledge on effective parenting. Give us comfort in Your love for us and Your goodness for our children, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

Prayer for Tongue Control

Lord, I realize that sometimes my heart and mind are not as clear as my speech. I regret the many careless things I have spoken about because I talk quickly. I apologize for any angry or malicious remarks I may have made. Please make it easier for me to check my heart and recognize when I’m ready to speak without thinking. Please help me to talk slowly. Lord, help me to be a person who is full of your Spirit, full of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, and gentleness, and who is bursting at the seams with all of these qualities. Amen.

Prayer for God’s Provision

God the Father, I’m grateful for Your unwavering love, blessings, and goodness toward me. I’m grateful for Your steadfastness in leading me, seeing me through difficult circumstances, raising me up, and placing me on high. I’m grateful for the verses in the Bible that reaffirm Your promises, plan, and provision for me. Thank you for removing my anxieties, fears, and what-ifs and for reminding me that You are the source of all of my support. Help me to sow carefully and to be a good steward, in the name of Jesus. Amen

Prayer for Comfort

The LORD is my shepherd. I lack nothing. He lets me rest in grassy meadows; he leads me to restful waters; he keeps me alive. He guides me in proper paths for the sake of his good name. Even when I walk through the darkest valley, I fear no danger because you are with me. Your rod and your staff — they protect me. You set a table for me right in front of my enemies. You bathe my head in oil; my cup is so full it spills over! Yes, goodness and faithful love will pursue me all the days of my life, and I will live in the LORD’s house as long as I live.

Prayer of Appreciation

Lord, I am grateful for your great grace. We are grateful that the vast river of grace that runs freely for us today doesn’t require us to work for a single drop of it. I appreciate the unexpected, undeserved favor you have bestowed upon me. I need your assistance to put myself in your love and grace’s path. Please help me to maintain the habits that are necessary for me to frequently meet with you and drink from the water of life. I appreciate your deep affection. Amen.

Prayer for Serenity

God, give me the peace to accept what I cannot alter, the courage to do so, and the discernment to recognize the difference. Living each day and each moment to the fullest, accepting hardship as a way to peace, accepting this sinful world as it is rather than how I would like it, and trusting that if I submit to Your will, You will make everything right, allowing me to be somewhat happy in this life and supremely happy with You forever in the next. Amen.

Patience in Sickness

Lord Jesus Christ, by bearing suffering patiently, you glorified suffering on earth and set an example for us in submission to your Father’s plan. Be there for me in my time of need and suffering; uphold me through your grace so that my fortitude and strength won’t falter; heal me in accordance with your will; and aid me in always holding onto the conviction that what happens to me in this life is of little consequence if you hold me in eternal life, my Lord and my God. Amen.

Prayer for Counsel

Oh my God, I don’t know where I’m heading. The path ahead of me is not visible to me. Where it will finish is uncertain to me. I don’t really know who I am, and even though I believe I’m doing what You want, that doesn’t mean I actually am. However, I think that trying to win your favor actually succeeds. And I sincerely hope that it permeates everything I do. I hope I never do anything other than what I want to do. And even though I may not be familiar with it, I know that if I do this, You will lead me along the correct path.


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