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Son Of God – Dan E (Mp3 and Lyrics)

Son Of God by Dan E Mp3 and Lyrics

Son Of God by Dan E Mp3 and Lyrics

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Son of God Lyrics by Dan E.

God made everything
The land and the seas
The fishes and the birds in the skies
He planted the trees

Then He made you and me
Six days was all that He had
He made me in His image
To function in His likeness

A Son and the master of all
Like a father He taught me
The ways of a true God
The maker of heaven and earth.

Gloriful, beautiful
The beauty and nature that God brought to me
Unstoppable, wonderful
I rule and possess all the earth
I’m a God

Just as He is
So He made me to be
The salt and the light of the world
I can go anywhere

I can do anything
Just as He said in His word
Dogs give birth to dogs
Cats give birth cats

And God gave birth to a God
Heavens respond to me
The earth obeys my wish
Just like my father above

I was created to rule over all
Command and decree and it all comes to me
The power and glory of God
Possessing and changing my life as revealed.

I’m a God, I’m a God
I gotta remind myself
That no matter the trials I face
I will soar, yes I can

I’ll rise above everything
Cos I know who I am in this world, in this world
I’m a God


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