Adelphi University Acceptance Rate | Requirements, SAT/ACT Scores, GPA, & Admissions

Adelphi University is one of the best higher education institutions in New York City to consider for your studies. Why should you think about Adelphi? This is because the university provides high-quality education in various fields of study.

Adelphi University is a private institution in Garden City, New York. The university, founded in 1896, is the oldest institution on Long Island’s outskirts. Also, it operates facilities in Manhattan, the Hudson Valley, and Suffolk County. The university also has a virtual (online) campus for remote students.

Before applying to this college, you may be required to take the ACT or SAT. Applicants accepted to Adelphi University typically submit SAT exam scores ranging from 1060 (25th percentile) to 1250 (75th percentile) and ACT exam scores ranging from 21 (25th percentile) to 27 (75th percentile).

Using sampled GPA data from over 150 schools, you can estimate that the Adelphi University (AU) average GPA for accepted students ranges from 3.13 to 3.52. This school has a 75 percent acceptance rate, with 11 percent of applicants enrolling. 

If Adelphi is of interest to you, the first step is to learn more about the school. As a result, this article will provide a comprehensive review of Adelphi University. You will learn about Adelphi University’s acceptance rate, admission requirements, GPA, ACT, and SAT, along with other necessary admission requirements. But before that, let’s know about Adelphi University.

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What To Know About Adelphi University

Adelphi University, founded in 1896, is a private institution located on a 75-acre campus in Garden City, New York.

The historic Long Island location is about 45 minutes from New York City, and numerous beaches and parks are nearby. In the Best of Long Island Awards, the institution was named Best Public Garden for its lovely grounds. Adelphi students come from 43 different states and 64 different countries.

A student/faculty ratio of 10:1 and an average undergraduate class of 21 support academics. The Honors College may be of interest to exceptional students. Among the benefits are small seminar classes, special cultural events, and various travel and research opportunities.

Student life is vibrant, with over 80 student organizations and clubs, including a few social fraternities and sororities. For most sports, the Adelphi Panthers compete in the NCAA Division II Northeast-10 Conference. Both men’s soccer and women’s bowling compete in Division I.

Adelphi University has a total undergraduate enrollment of 7,991 students, and admissions are competitive, with a 75% acceptance rate. The university offers 50 bachelor’s degrees, has a graduation rate of 73%, and a student-faculty ratio of 11:1. Students’ tuition and fees total $40,300.

University graduates have achieved enormous success in their respective fields. Robert B. Willumstad (former Chairman and CEO of American International Group (AIG) and Nicholas Cummings are two notable alumni (former President of the American Psychological Association). 

Adelphi University has an online campus where students who cannot attend on-campus classes due to personal obligations can continue their education. By collaborating with outside providers, the university provides online education to students in over 120 countries worldwide.

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What Is Adelphi University Acceptance Rate in 2023?

According to student reviews, Adelphi University has a selective admission policy. The university attracts the world’s most brilliant and innovative students. These students have outstanding academic records, and most attend Adelphi on highly competitive scholarships.

Adelphi University has a 75% acceptance rate. That is, out of every 100 applicants, 75 are accepted. Admission to Adelphi University is only moderately competitive due to the admissions requirements. You can easily be admitted if you complete all requirements before the deadlines. International students at Adelphi University can apply before either of the two deadlines.

To be eligible for scholarships, you must submit an early action application. You will not be able to apply for financial aid if you do not apply early.

The minimum TOEFL iBT and IELTS scores are 80 and 6.5, respectively. Adelphi University accepts Duolingo scores for both graduate and undergraduate applications.

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What Is Adelphi University Transfer Acceptance Rate in 2023? 

Adelphi University has a transfer acceptance rate of 33.59%. This demonstrates how difficult it is to transfer to Adelphi University.

Adelphi University believes that all documents submitted for review should be evaluated holistically. In addition to your academic transcript, the university will consider your experiences, determination, and potential contributions to its community (s). At times, the university may request additional information or choose to waive certain requirements.

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Is Adelphi University Hard To Get  Into?

Adelphi University’s acceptance rate is 74%. It has the 96th lowest acceptance rate in New York. Adelphi University is a moderately competitive school with a high acceptance rate if all requirements are met. Last year, 11,437 applicants were accepted out of a total of 15,329.

The school has stringent SAT and ACT admission requirements, generally admitting students who score in the top 46% (SAT 1060/1250; ACT 21/27). Adelphi University typically accepts and attracts “B+” average high school students with a GPA of 3.52 or higher. Most incoming freshmen graduate at the top of their high school class. Only 9% of those admitted enrolled. Adelphi University charges a $50 application fee, and applications are due by January 1.

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Does Adelphi University Require Test Scores in 2023?

Adelphi has a test-optional policy, which means you can submit your SAT or ACT scores, but they are not required for fall 2022 or spring 2023 admission. This policy also applies to the admission terms of fall 2023 and spring 2024. You will still be considered for one of the generous merit scholarships whether or not you submit your test scores. Indicate your preferred test on the admission application.

If you plan to submit your SAT or ACT scores, please provide official copies (Note: the Essay section of the SAT and the Writing section of the ACT are optional). If you do not see these scores on your official high school transcript, you must request an official copy from the College Board or ACT.

Adelphi University SAT Requirement

Adelphi University’s average SAT score is 1094.

Half of those admitted have SAT scores ranging from 1060 to 1250. The top 25% of admitted students have an SAT score of 1250 or higher. The SAT score of the bottom 25% of admitted students is less than 1060.

To be admitted to Adelphi University, your SAT score must be at least 1060. An SAT score of less than 1060 can still get you in, but your application must stand out.

Adelphi University typically receives SAT scores ranging from 540 to 640 in math and 560 to 660 in reading and writing.

Adelphi University ACT Requirement

The university admits students with ACT scores ranging from 21 to 27. The top 25% of admitted students have an ACT score of 27 or higher.

If you have an ACT score of 27, there is a good chance of being admitted to Adelphi University, assuming the rest of your application is equally strong. The ACT score for the bottom 25% of admitted students is less than 21.

To be admitted to Adelphi University, your ACT score must be at least 21. Adelphi University typically receives ACT math scores ranging from 22 to 28.

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What are the Admission Requirements for Adelphi University in 2023

To apply to your preferred course, you must first demonstrate English proficiency. The prerequisites for bachelor’s and master’s programs differ.

According to US News and World Report, half of Adelphi University applicants have SAT scores between 1060 and 1250. In addition, the ACT score range is 21 to 27. To be eligible, students must also provide the following exam results:

In addition to your English proficiency scores, you should have the following credentials.

Undergraduate Course Candidates:

1. Admissions application

2. Purpose Statement

3. Documents from academia

4. Resume

5. Recommendation Letter (If any)

Graduate Program Applicants:

1. Bachelor’s degrees from accredited universities

2. Application fee

3. Purpose Statement

4. Recommendation Letter (If any)

In addition, if you want to pursue a master’s degree at Adelphi University, you must complete a four-year bachelor’s degree program. Your application will be reviewed individually if you have a three-year bachelor’s degree.

You must also submit relevant college transcripts and personal essays following the course requirements.

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Transfer Requirements For Adelphi University

Minimum grade point average:

College of Arts and Sciences – 2.3 GPA STEP Program – 2.75 Communication Science and Disorders – 3.0 School of Social Work – 2.8 School of Nursing – 3.3

Transcripts Official:

All schools attended are required.

Recommendation letters:

Although recommended, it is not required.


Only required for applicants with fewer than 30 transferable credits.


Interviews for information are strongly advised.

Other prerequisites:

A final HS transcript is required for students applying with less than 30 credits. NET Exam is required for all students applying to our School of Nursing who do not have a New York State RN License.

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Adelphi University GPA Requirements in 2023

Most universities require a minimum grade point average (GPA) from their applicants, but this does not determine whether or not you will be admitted to the university. This is merely an eligibility criterion for applicants and plays little role in your selection.

There is a better way to determine what GPA you need for Adelphi University. If you want to know how competitive the university is, look at the average GPA of its current students.

Adelphi University’s average GPA requirement is 3.52. Adelphi University expects you to have a 3.52 GPA if you want to continue your studies there. It also implies that Adelphi University is moderately selective in admitting students based on their high school GPA. To get in, you must maintain this average.

If your GPA is lower than this average of 3.52, you can try to compensate by taking more SAT/ACTs.

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How To Apply To Adelphi University

While most universities in the United States accept undergraduate applications through the Common Application Portal, Adelphi University accepts both undergraduate and graduate applications directly through its online admissions gate. Scholars must visit the forbidden doors and follow the online instructions. 

Undergraduate Application 

International undergraduate aspirants can apply through the US Common Application portal or the university’s dedicated undergraduate operations portal. Follow the below to apply to Adelphi’s undergraduate programs via the sanctioned online operation portal. 

1: To access the online application portal, go to Enter your contact details, such as your name and phone number.

Step 2: Fill in your contact information, such as your phone number and delivery address. Fill in the blanks with information about your birth country and citizenship.

3: Type in your complete address, including a zip code, state, and country.

4: Select your preferred input session, program type, study option, and financial assistance options.

5: Provide your academic information, including your high school grades.

6: Enter the SAT/ACT scores as well as the results of the language proficiency tests.

7: Include all required documents, such as your specific statement and transcript.

Finally, before submitting your application, enter your dispatch address to gain access to a username and a link to create a password. After you’ve completed your profile, pay the USD 40 application fee and confirm your operation. Shoot in your operation at some point.

Postgraduate Application 

Apply to Adelphi’s graduate programs using the official online application portal by following the below steps.

1: To access the postgraduate online application portal, go to Fill in your specific information, such as your name and prefix.

2: Provide contact information, such as your phone number and delivery address. Enter your birth date and gender as well.

3: Create a leg law for your never-ending address. Please include your citizenship information as well.

Choose your preferred council and program from the list. Also, choose your preferred input session and input type(part-time or full-time). 

4: Include information about your most recent coursework (educational history) and the GPA or scores from your most recent degree. 

5: After that, submit your transcript, particular essay, and letters of recommendation. 

6: Enter your dispatch address to produce an account and a strong password to complete the operation. Also, pay the USD 50 application fee and have your operation vindicated. After paying the figure and vindicating your application, you can submit it. Also, you must stay for the results. 

Adelphi University operates under a rolling admissions policy, which means that we accept applicants at all times. The admissions commission reviews applications as they come in. They make the admission decision for the Early Action and Regular application processes within 3–4 weeks of receiving a complete application.

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Alternatives To Adelphi University 

Still, consider attending one of the alternative schools listed below, If Adelphi University isn’t for you. 

 1. Stony Brook University 

 2. New York University 

 3. St John’s University- New York 

 4. SUNY at Binghamton 

 5. Pace University- New York 

 6. Fordham University 

 7. CUNY, Hunter College 

 8. CUNY, Queens College 

 9. CUNY Bernard M Baruch College 

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Adelphi University Acceptance Rate FAQs 

What’s the minimum GPA for Adelphi? 

Adelphi expects you to be below average in your high academy class with a GPA of 3.52. You will need a combination of As and Bs, with many Cs. However, if your GPA is lower, you can compensate by taking more delicate courses, similar to AP or IB classes. This will increase your weighted GPA and demonstrate your capability to take council courses. 

Is Adelphi offering a full scholarship? 

Undergraduate scholarships and subventions are generally awarded to scholars who are enrolled full-time. In cases of qualifying disabilities, the Student Access Office may waive the University’s full-time attendance registration demand. 

What’s Adelphi’s ranking? 

Adelphi University ranks No. 182 among the 443 national universities. We determine the rankings based on their performance on extensively accepted excellence indicators.

Is Adelphi a liberal school? 

Throughout its history, Adelphi University has consistently upheld the principles of a liberal education, particularly within the College of Trades and Lores.

Adelphi University accepts which application process? 

Adelphi University accepts applications via the Adelphi Application, the Common Application, and the Coalition application. 


Adelphi University has a competitive admissions pool with over-average GPAs and SAT/ACT scores, accepting just under three digs of aspirants. On the other hand, Adelphi has a holistic admissions process that considers factors other than grades and test scores. A strong application essay, letters of recommendation, participation in meaningful adulterous conditioning, and a rigorous course schedule can all help your application.  

We encourage aspirants to schedule an admissions interview, but it is not required. If your grades and test scores fall outside Adelphi’s average range, we may seriously consider scholars with particularly compelling stories or achievements.

We have thoroughly reviewed Adelphi University in this composition. Based on the information below, you can decide whether you want to pursue a career that interests you at Adelphi. However, please visit the academy’s sanctioned website if you have further questions about Adelphi University.


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