15 Best Boarding Schools in Jamaica | Cost, Requirements & How to Apply

In Jamaica, there is a desire for parents and students to enroll in the best boarding schools they can find around them.

Most students who attend boarding schools mature quickly in the long run. Students can increase their sociability and form stronger, deeper friendships through interaction with their schoolmates. They would also gain various social skills along the road that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

Sending your child to one of the best boarding schools in Jamaica can be a great choice, but you may not know where exactly to send them. We prepared a list of boarding schools in Jamaica for girls, boys, and co-ed(mixed) in 2023. 

Are there Boarding Schools in Jamaica?

There are a few boarding schools in Jamaica. The government approves these schools, and they have made their mark in Jamaica as prestigious and well-respected. 

These are some of the boarding schools in Jamaica in 2023: 

  1. Hampton School
  2. Knox College High School
  3. Westwood High School
  4. St. Hilda’s Diocesan High School
  5. Carron Hall Vocational High School
  6. Munro College
  7. Hillel Academy
  8. American International School of Kingston
  9. Denbigh High School
  10. Bishop Gibson High
  11. York Castle High
  12. St Jago High School
  13. Ocho Rios College.
  14. Meadowbrook Preparatory School
  15. St. Andrew High School 
  16. St. Elizabeth’s Technical High School

How Much Do Boarding Schools in Jamaica Cost?

The cost of boarding schools in Jamaica is definitely the first thought of every parent seeking to take their child to a boarding school. The tuition fees differ depending on where you plan to go at the end of the search. 

Jamaican boarding schools typically cost approximately $19,300 – $63,180 for every academic year. This covers all other costs like food, accommodation, and miscellaneous expenses. 

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Are There Affordable Boarding Schools in Jamaica?

While juggling the options of boarding schools in Jamaica, you should also consider how much you would be willing to commit to the school. Some boarding schools in Jamaica are more expensive than others. The boarding school you decide to go to should be able to meet your budget. 

These are some of the affordable boarding schools in Jamaica:

  • Mount Alvernia High School with a tuition fee of $19,300
  • St. Hilda’s Diocesan High School with a tuition fee of $21,317

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What are the Requirements for Boarding Schools in Jamaica?

Having first-hand knowledge of the requirements for boarding schools in Jamaica gives you an edge while applying to these schools because you will already be conversant with what you should expect. 

Boarding schools in Jamaica are not so strict in their admission requirements. These requirements are: 

  • Recommendation from the last school attended
  • One (1) recent passport-size picture
  • Birth Certificate
  • Completed New Student Registration Form
  • Completed Medical Form
  • Academic documentation

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What Are The 15 Best Boarding Schools in Jamaica?

Jamaica has a lot of boarding schools, but it is important to take note of the best while sending in your applications. The schools on this list are definitely the best in Jamaica. 

In no particular order, these are the best boarding schools in Jamaica: 

1. Hampton School

Location: Malvern, Jamaica

Malvern, Jamaica, is home to the all-girls residential school known as Hampton School. It was established in 1858, two years after its all-boys counterpart, Munro College, making it one of the country’s first boarding institutions.

With Miss Elizabeth Ramson serving as the headmistress, Hampton School for Girls opened its doors in 1858 on the grounds of Potsdam College (now Munro College) in St. Elizabeth. 

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2. Knox College High School

Location: Spalding, Jamaica

In Clarendon Parish, Jamaica, Knox College is a coed secondary school that accepts both day students and boarding students. The Neighbourhood Early Childhood Institute, Knox Junior School, and Knox Community College are the additional institutions that make up the campus.

Knox College is a secondary school with grant funding. It continues to be Jamaica’s sole secondary co-educational residential school. The majority of pupils are from the towns and neighborhoods nearby. But a sizable portion of the students come from various parishes throughout the island.

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3. Campion College

Location: Kingston, Jamaica

In Kingston, Jamaica, there is a public Catholic high school called Campion College. The Society of Jesus established the coed school in 1960. The institution has a stellar reputation for both its academic and athletic accomplishments.

Every student at the college is given a chance to realize his or her full potential, to develop intellectually, socially, physically, and spiritually, to make wise decisions, and to collaborate with peers and teachers to grow into a self-assured, critically aware, and useful citizen who will help to shape a more just society.

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4. Westwood High School

Location: Stewart Town, Jamaica.

Located in Stewart Town, Trelawny, Jamaica, is Westwood High School. W. M. Webb, a Baptist minister, and reverend, created it in 1882 to give females access to integrated education. The institution also established a trustee board to represent the various Protestant groups.

The first integrated ladies’ boarding school in Jamaica opened its doors in 1882 as Westwood High School in Stewart Town, Trelawny Parish. It serves secondary students, and in 2014, it restarted its sixth-form curriculum after a 36-year hiatus.

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5. St. Hilda’s Diocesan High School

Location: Brown’s Town, Jamaica

St. Ann, Jamaica, has a boarding school of the same name. St. Hilda’s Girls Diocesan High School.

The Anglican Church founded St. Hilda’s Diocesan High School for Girls in 1906. The institution is devoted to giving pupils a top-notch education. As a result, it constantly aims to encourage and promote excellent academic performance.

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6. Carron Hall Vocational High School

Location: Highgate, Jamaica

Initially founded as a co-educational, mixed-gender boarding school for girls, Carron Hall changed its name to a co-educational day school in 2002.

It is one of the smaller schools in Jamaica and serves about 400 pupils right now. On average, just 30 students are in each class, which is a modest quantity compared to most of St. Mary’s secondary schools.

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7. Munro College

Location: St Elizabeth, Jamaica

In St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, a boarding school for boys is called Munro College. According to the terms of the plantation owners’ wills, Robert Hugh Munro and Caleb Dickenson, the school was established in St. Elizabeth in 1856 as the Potsdam School (named after the city of Potsdam), a school for wealthy boys.

The boarding school Munro College educates boys from the secondary level to pre-university.

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8. Hillel Academy.

Location: Kingston, Jamaica.

The biggest foreign school in Jamaica is Hillel Academy. There is a Preparatory School (for children ages 3 to 11) and a High School on the Hillel Academy campus (age 11-19).

From pre-kindergarten through high school, we provide a demanding academic program.

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9. American International School of Kingston

Location: Kingston, Jamaica.

The American International School of Kingston (AISK), established in 1994, is a private, coeducational day school that provides students from all nationalities with an academic curriculum from preschool through grade 12.

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10. Denbigh High School

Location: Denbigh, Jamaica

In Clarendon, Denbigh, Jamaica, there is a high school called Denbigh High School. In 1969, seven years after Jamaican independence, it was established. 

With the greatest passing scores among Jamaica’s more recent high schools, the school is currently ranked first in mathematics. “Learning for Living” is the school’s motto, and it acts as a lighthouse to direct boys and girls with curious minds in the proper direction.

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11. Bishop Gibson High

Location: Mandeville, Jamaica

The late Anglican Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Percival Gibson, who envisioned a school for girls based on sound education and Christian teaching, founded this school in January 1962.

On September 15, 1958, he established Glenmuir High School and welcomed 55 boys and girls inside.

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12. Mount Alvernia High School

Location: Montego Bay, Jamaica

As a small boarding school called St. James Academy, Mount Alvernia High School opened its doors in 1925. Shortly after, it changed its name to Mt. Alvernia Academy.

In Montego Bay, Saint James, Jamaica, a high school for women is called Mount Alvernia High School. Along with the other sporting disciplines, it creates pupils of the highest caliber in both academics and athletics.

The young ladies that enroll are highly regarded, and the institution is founded on numerous ideals.

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13. St Jago High School

Location: Spanish Town, Jamaica

One of the oldest continually run schools in the Western Hemisphere was created in 1744 and is called St. Jago High School in Spanish Town, St. Catherine, Jamaica.

It is recognized for producing some of Jamaica’s top military leaders, Olympic athletes, elite cricket players, and academic luminaries.

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14. Ocho Rios College

Location: Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

Ocho Rios College was founded to give Jamaican students access to a top-notch education.

With the knowledge of highly skilled teaching staff, this prestigious institution has been able to educate students in their chosen fields while also preparing them for future difficulties.

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15. St. Andrew High School 

Location: Kingston, Jamaica.

In Saint Andrew, Jamaica, there is a high school for only girls called St. Andrew High School. The organization was founded on September 21, 1925.

St. Andrew’s High School in Chinchwad, Pune, has always aimed to improve the holistic profile of each individual by instilling them with strong values.

Learning will become a delightful activity, including constant detailed evaluation and removing the pass/field ideas.

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Are there Boarding Schools in Jamaica, Kingston?  

Kingston is home to most of the boarding schools in the heart of Jamaica. The city has been able to stand out in terms of the educational standards it offers. 

These are the boarding schools in Kingston: 

  • Hillel Academy
  • American International School of Kingston
  • Campion College
  • West Indies Basic School
  • Meadowbrook High School

What are the All-Girls Boarding Schools in Jamaica? 

As a parent, you might want to consider taking your child to a boarding school for girls. There are All-Girls Boarding Schools in Jamaica. They include: 

  • Westwood High
  • St. Hilda’s High
  • Carron Hall Vocational High
  • Hampton 

What are the All-Boys Boarding Schools in Jamaica? 

Jamaica has a few All-Boys Boarding Schools for parents who would prefer to take their sons to a boarding school for boys alone. These are:

  • Munroe
  • Jamaica College
  • Saint George’s College
  • Wolmer’s Boys’ School

Therapeutic boarding schools in Jamaica 

For students with unique needs, therapeutic schools in Jamaica are a sort of alternative education that offers emotional, mental, and physical rehabilitation.

These unique requirements might include everything from behavioral issues to problems with cognition and learning. The therapeutic boarding schools in Jamaica are: 

  • Caribbean Mountain Academy
  • Tranquility Bay


Finding a high-quality boarding school in Jamaica can be a challenge. As a parent, wanting nothing but the best for your child is normal.

Every boarding school in Jamaica has a unique feature that makes them stand out. If you decide to take your child to an All-Girls, All-Boys, or Co-ed(mixed) school, then the schools we have listed here would definitely meet your preference. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many prep schools are in Jamaica?

According to the think tank Educate Jamaica, 64 out of the approximately 242 preparatory schools operating in Jamaica are the best.

Is boarding school a good idea?

Children learn to be more independent early because they have more control over their schedules, activities, and spare time than their peers in public schools. 

Are phones allowed in boarding schools?

Knowing that most boarding schools have a mobile phone policy ensures your youngster won’t be glued to a little screen in the wee hours. Most schools forbid using mobile devices during formal activities or after lights out at night; check with your particular institution.

What is a Flexi boarding school?

Flexi Boarding is a versatile solution that accommodates working parents’ demands. Flexi Borders stay for a longer period of time than Full Boarders and then depart home in the evenings. Every perk included in the Flexi Boarding fees is available to Flexi Borders in full: Breakfast (Monday – Saturday). 


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