10 Best Boarding Schools in Missouri | Cost,

One of the most prominent and exclusive boarding schools in the world, Missouri’s boarding schools attract the best candidates from around the globe each year. 

Boarding schools in Missouri attempt to offer their students extracurricular classes that will allow them to pursue their interests and passions in addition to focusing on teaching and learning.

Because school administrators are aware that only educated persons can ensure the prosperity of our planet, boarding schools in Missouri consistently rank highly on national and international lists.

Being accepted into a boarding school, particularly one in Missouri, is one of the best things that can happen to a youngster as they are developing in the area of education.

You might be interested to learn that sending your child to a boarding school in Missouri in 2024 is one of your best options if you want to give him or her the best education possible. Reading carefully will reveal interesting information about Missouri boarding schools.

Are There Boarding Schools In Missouri?

There are a lot of boarding schools in Missouri that offer a wide range of academic courses and extracurricular activities to children of different ages and academic skill levels.

Different sorts of boarding schools can be found in this state. Military boarding schools, therapeutic institutions for disobedient children, and even Christian boarding schools exist to assist your child in deepening his or her understanding of God.

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How Much Do Boarding Schools Cost In Missouri Cost?

The average annual cost of private education in Missouri is $10,301. (2022).

Private elementary school tuition is typical $9,908 per year, while private high school tuition is typical $11,972.

The least expensive private boarding school is Abm Ministries-Lighthouse Christian Academy, which charges $1,750 in tuition. The much more expensive private boarding school tuition is $48,000, paid at Agape Boarding School in Missouri.

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What Are The Best Boarding Schools In Missouri 2024?

Many boarding schools in Missouri accept both domestic and foreign students and can aid any child in establishing a strong educational foundation. Some of these schools are privately held by people, while others are state-owned.

In Missouri, there are quite a few boarding schools, but a few of them are regarded as the best in the state. They are as follows:

  • Sunnydale Adventist Academy
  • Agape Boarding School
  • St. Paul Lutheran High School
  • Thomas Jefferson School
  • Missouri Military Academy
  • Chaminade College Preparatory School
  • Principia School
  • Future Men Thomas Jefferson School
  • Vision Boys Academy
  • Kansas City Girls Academy
  • Missouri MilCory Academy
  • Wings of Faith for Troubled Girls

#1. Sunnydale Adventist Academy

Sunnydale Adventist Academy is a premier private boarding Christian school located in Centralia, Missouri. There are 118 students in grades 9 through 12, and the student-to-teacher ratio is 10 to 1.

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Additionally, 68% of graduates from this institution enrol in a four-year university to complete their studies.

Sunnydale, on the other hand, provides a comprehensive educational program that covers personal, intellectual, and spiritual development. Previously, Sunnydale Academy was called (SA).

Sunnydale Adventist Academy’s mission also includes fulfilling the Great Commission while offering academic achievement.

Also, take note that the annual tuition for boarding students at this school is $9,410.

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#2. Agape Boarding School

In Missouri, Agape is a less expensive Christian boarding school that is not for profit and has a beautiful campus. Agape works with disobedient boys, select the wrong friends, experiment with drugs or alcohol, or whom motivation in school using a caring approach.

Boys learn to repair their relationships with family and develop proper interactions with adults, their peers, and their community through a structured curriculum, counselling, and daily encouragement. Graduates are accountable for their actions and actively seek to help others.

Over the past twenty years, Agape Boarding School has assisted thousands of boys in developing into honourable young men. These lads get their lives back on track, graduate from high school, enrol in colleges, and have successful futures.

This school’s yearly tuition cost is $19,200 for boarding students.

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#3. St. Paul Lutheran High School

St. Paul Lutheran High School is a prestigious private, coeducational, Christian school located in CONCORDIA, Missouri. There are 13 pupils for every instructor in the 200 students in grades 9 through 12.

The next step is that 98% of graduates from this institution enrol in a 4-year university to complete their studies.

St. Paul Lutheran High School, on the other hand, exists to provide students with a top-notch, Christ-centered education in a climate that supports academic success and aids in preparing them for a service-oriented life as Christian disciples.

Also, take note that the annual tuition for boarding students at this school is $28,800.

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#4. Thomas Jefferson School

TJ imparts to pupils in grades 7 through 12 the skills necessary to function as global citizens.

Furthermore, via the best college-preparatory curriculum imaginable and in a nurturing environment, kids develop a sense of accountability for their academic progress as well as a desire to beautify and educate the world.

Since 1946, TJ has allowed high-ability students to experience intellectual challenges as well as to develop their personal and civic responsibility. Because of the small class sizes, students are encouraged to engage in meaningful dialogue.

Around $53,450 is spent on tuition for boarding students.

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#5. Missouri Military Academy

Missouri Military Academy (MMA), a private, all-boys institution that offers a post-graduate year and helps students be ready for college, was founded in 1889 and teaches students in grades 7 through 12.

Moving on, MMA educates young men from all over the world who are seeking career and college preparedness programs in a structured military setting that is focused on fostering grit and self-assurance.

However, MMA’s 360 Education promotes academic excellence and success, character development, physical development, personal drive, and leadership training to enable young men to take charge of their own lives and their futures.

Also, take aware that the annual tuition for boarding students at this school is $38,000.

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#6. Chaminade College

For boys in grades 6 through 12, this is among the best boarding schools in St. Louis, Missouri.

With an average class size of 17, Chaminade College Preparatory School was founded as a catholic institution in 1910. Additionally, it has a 9.07 student-to-teacher ratio.

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In essence, this Missouri boarding school is set up so that males learn executive functioning abilities necessary later in life, but nights and weekends also give students time to develop a sense of community and lifelong friendships.

These lads are also given access to a wide range of extracurricular activities.

Also, take note that the annual tuition for boarding students at this school is $20,695.

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#7. Principia College

An independent, coed, college-preparatory school, Principia School offers a cutting-edge curriculum to students in preschool through grade 12.

In general, Principia College accepts applicants from a range of religious traditions who value education and want to grow as people.

Principia, on the other hand, was formed on the tenets of Christian Science, a worldwide Christian movement rooted in the writings of Jesus Christ and the Bible.

Additionally, students have access to state-of-the-art learning settings, top-notch athletic facilities, and more than 100 acres of outdoor classroom space on the gorgeous 360-acre campus.

Students also use their critical reasoning and problem-solving skills to address global issues as part of an integrated curriculum that is distinguished by rigour, difficulty, and opportunity.

The yearly tuition is $41,160 for boarding students.

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#8. Future Men Boarding School in Missouri

A Christian boarding school called Future Men provides young men with a highly regulated and supervised environment in which to work on their future. Every student receives a setting and inspiration to support success. The school is nationally accredited by AdvancEd and bases its instruction and counselling on God’s Word.

Future Men’s mission is to teach young men to reject childish habits and fixations on worldly frivolities (godless music, foolish friends, laziness, anger, disrespect, offensive language/habits, sloppy attire, lack of self-control), and to subsequently embrace the obligations and liberties that arrive with authentic manhood.

Future Men accepts 15–18 students at a time, and their tuition is reasonably priced in contrast to other schools.

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#9. Vision Boys Academy

Troubled boys between the ages of 8 and 12 are accepted at the small therapeutic Christian boarding school named Vision Boys Academy in Missouri.

The tuition at Vision Boys Academy, however, is far less expensive than at most boarding schools due to its small size. A smaller school also enables teachers to spend more time with each student.

At the Vision Boys Academy, students will have the ability to focus on life’s priorities and get gentle teaching in developing into godly young men.

Also, take aware that the annual tuition for boarding students at this school is $30,000.

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#10. Kansas City Girls Academy

The Kansas City Girls Academy is a girls-only private alternative school in KANSAS CITY, MO. There are 15 pupils for every teacher out of the 39 students in classes 7 through 12. Every one of this institution’s graduates enrols in a four-year university.

Girls that are struggling in life can also enrol in Kansas City Girls Academy. It is designed to help women identify problematic behaviours and develop the inner strength to handle challenges.

Also developed are effective communication skills and constructive coping techniques. At Kansas City Girls Academy, multiple treatment modalities are employed.

To help the girls prepare for a healthy reintroduction to their families, the program’s levelling system was devised, nevertheless.

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What Are The Therapeutic Boarding Schools In Missouri For Troubled Youths?

At-risk children can receive specialized education and a therapeutic atmosphere at boarding schools for disturbed youngsters in Missouri. 

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Additionally, they frequently provide a wide range of support services that are uncommon in traditional schools, whether they are in the public or private sector. Here are three major therapeutic boarding schools for troubled youths in Missouri:

  • Future Men
  • Agape Boarding School
  • Vision Boys Academy

What Are The Best Christian Boarding Schools In Missouri 2024?

The instruction offered by Christian boarding schools in Missouri is personalized for each student. Many of these programs have individual accreditation thanks to curricula that are tailored to fit the needs of young Christians, even those who have behavioural issues. You have a few possibilities, among these:

  • Future Men
  • St. Paul Lutheran High School
  • Principal School
  • Sunnydale Adventist Academy
  • Master’s Ranch Christian Academy
  • Wings of Faith for Troubled Girls
  • Agape Boarding School

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What Are The Affordable Boarding Schools In Missouri 2024?

The cost of tuition at boarding schools in Missouri is relatively high. However, tuition cost below $20,000 is considered as being affordable among other options.

  • Sunnydale Adventist Academy
  • Kansas City Girls Academy
  • Agape Boarding School

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What Are The Elementary Boarding Schools In Missouri?

The development of the whole kid is the goal of elementary boarding school. The fundamentals of time management and how to balance their involvement in chores are taught to children who live away from home. The Missouri elementary boarding schools are listed below:

  • Thomas Jefferson School
  • Missouri Military Academy

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What Are The All-Boys Boarding Schools In Missouri?

Boys can investigate topics and extracurriculars at a single-sex school that they might not have thought of at a coed school. View the Missouri boarding schools for guys only:

  • Future Men
  • Missouri Military Academy
  • Chaminade College Preparatory School
  • Agape Boarding School

What Are The All-Girls Boarding Schools In Missouri?

In an all-girls school, females study more effectively and accomplish more. In comparison to females attending co-educational private and public schools, students at all-girls schools take on more leadership responsibilities, put more effort into their studies, and perform better on standardized tests. The all-girls boarding schools in Missouri are as follows:

  • Wings of Faith for Troubled Girls
  • Master’s Ranch Girls Academy
  • Kansas City Girls Academy

What Are The Military Boarding Schools In Missouri?

Military boarding schools offer the framework, direction, and leadership opportunities necessary to support and encourage a strong liberal arts education. The sole military boarding school in Missouri is:

  • Missouri Military Academy

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Missouri welcoming to homeschoolers?

In Missouri, there is no enrollment or registration requirement, and homeschooling is a legitimate option for any family. The decision to homeschool can be made by parents, and they can start right away!

When should a child start boarding school?

It all relies on when the child is ready, but in the United States, students between the ages of 14 and 16 are typically accepted into boarding schools in the 9th and 10th grades. For students who are 18 or 19 years old, several colleges provide the choice of a post-graduate year.

Why do parents take their children to boarding schools?

While boarding school is sometimes portrayed in Hollywood as a place where kids are “sent away,” in reality, many students enrol in boarding schools to take part in cutting-edge programs, become more independent at a younger age, and improve their chances of getting into selective colleges.

Are boarding school students more successful?

Additionally, studies have indicated that boarders feel more prepared than their colleagues for college and university. Furthermore, they are more likely to rise to more important positions in their careers and communities, obtain graduate degrees like a Master’s or Ph.D., and earn these degrees.


The minimal amount of credits needed to graduate from a high school boarding school in Missouri is 24. To meet the requirements, students must achieve a certain amount of unit credits in a variety of subject areas. A student must complete all course prerequisites and receive a passing grade to receive one unit of credit.

Missouri allows boarding school students to see its stunning state parks and historical treasures while also providing them with academic excellence and demanding athletic programs. Make contacting a Missouri boarding school a top priority!


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