Does Cox Have a Student Discount? | How to Get Cox Student Discount

Though it might be unknown to many people, the Cox student discount is readily available to students to save on their daily costs as students. 

Here’s a guide for anyone who doesn’t know how to get a Cox student discount. 

Cox is among the best and most well-liked internet services. You have to pay to use its services. 

Cox offers a student discount, but you must sign up as a student to benefit from it. 

This website provides a ton of excellent, distinctive services. If you are a student, you may also be qualified for the discount.

There will be more information on how to get the Cox student discount. We will walk you through how to take advantage of the Cox student discount. 

We will also discuss the coupons and promo codes you can get from Cox. So let’s get started right away.

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What to know about Cox Student Discount?

Today, many crucial and delicate jobs are carried out online, making a fast internet connection no longer a luxury. The prevalence of work-from-home opportunities and remote education has elevated the internet to the rank of a basic service. 

It is imperative to have a strong internet connection for tasks like these, and as we all know, a strong internet is not cheap. Because they can’t complete their crucial jobs without the internet and must spend extra to have a strong internet connection, customers are left in a difficult situation.

Several service providers have discovered the answer to this issue: giving discounts to specific groups of the population who use the internet for various significant objectives. These reductions are offered to distant employees, students, and those with modest incomes. Such discounts are provided to customers by numerous service providers. 

When using a service provider, customers also ask about these reductions. Customers frequently ask Cox whether they provide student discounts, for example, on several user forums. To put it simply, Cox provides students with affordable internet access.

This makes sense, given that Cox Communications is a significant provider with a service footprint covering 19 states. Additionally, it is regarded as one of the main high-speed internet providers in the nation, with millions of members. 

With this much clout in the market, it is only natural that customers would receive exclusive discounts from Cox. Below, we’ll discuss the unique student discount that Cox provides.

Who Qualifies for Cox Student Discount?

Does Cox provide discounts for students? Yes, and the solution to this problem is Cox Connect2Compete. This is a unique internet plan created for students and their academic demands, not just a discount. To join this package, however, a few requirements must be satisfied. 

For families with students in grades K–12, CoxConnect2Compete presents a door of opportunity. For an exceptionally low cost, it provides wifi and a superior home internet connection. 

Additionally, to be eligible for CoxConnect2Compete, kids must be registered in one of the numerous eligible government assistance programs, such as The National School Lunch Program, SNAP, TNAF, and Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program.

Click here for the complete eligibility requirements and to apply Connect2Compete. 

With Cox’s Connect2Compete plan, users receive a steady internet connection that can reach speeds of up to 100 Mbps and a monthly usage cap of 1.25 TB. 

A free wifi modem and access to a network of 3 million Cox wifi hotspots are also included in this bundle. All of this is offered without commitment and at an extraordinarily low fee.

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How Do I Get a Cox Student Discount Card?

The Cox Connect2Compete program offers home internet service for just $9.95/mo.*, free installation, and rental modems without a deposit or an annual contract to families with students in grades K–12 who receive government assistance. 

To be eligible, students must be enrolled in NSLP, SNAP, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), or live in public housing. They also must not have unpaid Cox bills, unreturned equipment, or active Cox Internet subscriptions older than 90 days. 

By going to the Connect2Compete website, you may see the status of any pending applications for Cox student discount internet savings or sign up for the program.

Cox still has reasonably priced internet emergency response offers even if you don’t meet the requirements for Cox Connect2Compete. For instance, the Cox Internet Starter 10 plan is free for the first month and costs just $19.99/month for the rest of the year. Check out Cox’s no-contract plan right now. 

Customers who sign up between July 21 and September 30, 2020, will receive the first two months of Connect2Compete (if eligible), two months of free remote desktop and phone support with Cox Complete Care, resources for discounted and refurbished equipment through PCs for People, and either English- or Spanish-language home school toolkits.

Do Cox Members Get Discounts Online?

To cut costs through your Cox account, you’ll need to take matters into your own hands. Use the advice below:

1. Get the Internet speeds you require only

Paying for a 250 Mbps service when your home only requires 100 Mbps download speeds is unnecessary. Following this advice can help you save at least $10 every month. 

Determine the download and upload speeds needed for your online activities. You could enter “internet speed requirements for Netflix,” for instance, into Google. 

Information such as “Netflix requires “X” Mbps download speeds” will appear in the search results. 

Get an internet package that supports the speeds you need to use them, then add up the speeds you will require for each task.

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2. Consider streaming services rather than cable TV

You can save more than $40 a month by switching from Cox cable television plans to streaming service providers. 

Depending on the streaming service provider you select, your savings may vary. 

With Hulu, you can access more than 40,000 hours of entertainment for only $6.99 each month. You may watch shows like King of the Hill, General Hospital, and ABC World News. 

Compared to the cheapest Cox Contour TV plan, you may save $46 each month. 

You won’t have to pay for broadcast TV, local sports, or other expenses, so those savings are not included. Choose a streaming provider like YouTube TV if you want channels and want to save money. There are no absurd extra costs, unlimited DVR, and 85 stations are included. 

It offers channels like PBS, NFL, MLB, and more and costs $64.99 monthly. 

However, streaming needs a lot of internet space. 

3. Invest in a Router and Modem Rather Than Renting

You will avoid paying Cox’s equipment rental price of $144 per year by purchasing your router and modem. 

Depending on your modem or router, paying them off can take about 1.5 years. 

The largest benefit of Cox Communication’s hardware rentals will be lost on you. The three-year cycle of free updates. Only if you want your home network to utilize the most modern networking technology does this important. 

Any router can be purchased and used with Cox.

The service provider is very particular about modems, though. You must first purchase a new modem that their firm has approved.

Cox Promo Code & Coupon Code 

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In conclusion, the Cox student discount does provide inexpensive internet for students, and their student package is very nice. 

Families with K–12 students can use this service for their academic needs and other duties. The Cox student discount is here to save the expenses of students.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Cox student discount Connect2Compete?

A national nonprofit program called Connect2Compete (C2C) aims to get kids and families online by offering high-speed Internet for $9.95 per month and free digital literacy training. There are no price increases, activation fees, equipment rental costs, or contracts for the high-speed Internet service for two years. 

Who qualifies for the high-speed Cox student discount Internet service through C2C for $9.95? 

The $9.95/month Cox home Internet service is available to families with at least one kid who receives free school lunches through the National School Lunch Program (NSLP). Families are prohibited from having any unpaid debt or unreturned equipment with Cox and from having subscribed to Cox Internet service within the last 90 days.

Where and when can I get the C2C offer? 

Through December 31, 2015, Cox Communications has been providing the service in all of its service locations worldwide. 

If I believe I qualify for Cox’s low-cost Internet access through C2C, how can I apply? 

Families who qualify may apply online by going to or dialing 18552223252 toll-free. 

Will I be able to register online with assistance? 

Find out from your child’s school how and when you can obtain help with C2C online registration.

If my child receives reduced-price (as opposed to free) lunches through the NSLP, does my family still qualify for C2C? 

No. Currently, eligibility is limited to parents of children eligible for free school lunches.

How long will a C2C customer be able to use the program to get discounted Internet service? 

As long as they continue to be constantly subscribed to the Internet service, families who qualify for C2C will enjoy the discounted Internet for two years. 

How quickly is the Cox student discount Internet service made available through C2C? 

C2C offers home Internet access with upload and download rates of at least 1 Mbps and 5 Mbps, respectively. 

Which payment methods may I use to purchase the Internet offer? 

Cox accepts cash, money orders, debit cards, credit cards, bank accounts, and savings accounts (cash and money orders must be done in person at a Cox store). After installation, consumers must make payment when they receive their bill.


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