Do Parallels Have a Student Discount? | How to Get Parallels Student Discount

As a student, you can be drowning in expenses related to completing your education and will need the Parallels student discount. 

Do you need to run a Microsoft Windows program on your Mac as a student? Parallels Desktop® for Mac can reduce the hardware costs connected with your studies without buying a PC. This purchase can only be made with a Parallels student discount.

Millions of users of Parallels Desktop may overcome hardware constraints and accomplish their goals by using virtualization or a virtual computer. Run Windows on your Mac without rebooting to save money and time. 

By using a virtual computer to run the Windows application they were told they needed for their class, a student might save hundreds (or thousands) of dollars. This article describes how to get a Parallels student discount and current student discount offers.

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What to know about Parallels Student Discount?

In addition to providing management and delivery platforms for Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS desktop deployments, Parallels is a provider of application and desktop virtualization software. 

Nikolay Dobrovolskiy, Serguei Beloussov, and three others formed the Bellevue, Washington-based business in 1999. SWsoft purchased Parallels in 2004 to increase its range of virtualization tools. In 2008, SWSoft changed its name to Parallels. The parallels student discount has helped students improve their educational performance.

Organizations can use Parallels to set up virtual computers running different operating systems (OSes), including Windows and Linux, on macOS desktops (VMs). Organizations may use a single management panel to manage macOS desktops and other OSes utilizing the company’s software.

Desktop for Mac is available in multiple variants from Parallels. The standard version is intended for solitary use. The Pro Edition is appropriate for businesses with a few power users who need access to macOS or for developers testing the speed and compatibility of Parallels’ VMs for the full organization’s desktop deployment. 

The Business Edition offers an IT monitoring and control portal for deployments throughout the enterprise. The Pro and Business Editions cost $99.99 per license per year, compared to $79.99 for the regular edition.

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Who Qualifies for Parallels Student Discount?

Students enrolled at colleges, and universities can access Parallels Desktop for Mac’s academic version from the company’s website. The student edition is a discounted, one-year subscription to Parallels Desktop Standard. The parallels student discount has helped students improve their educational performance.

Make sure the website where you put your order is appropriate for where you are. Choose your language and nation from the drop-down menu in the top right corner: 

To continue with the purchase, please confirm your academic standing:

1. To save with the student edition, click that button. 

2. Verify your status by clicking “Start.” 

3. Verify your eligibility according to the directions on-screen. 

Note: After being validated, only one copy of Parallels Desktop may be obtained. This was put in place to stop illicit retrading. 

Note: Click “Can’t find your university?” and follow the on-screen instructions if you can’t find your institution in the list, if SSO (single sign-on) isn’t available for your institution, or if your institution doesn’t give an academic-issued email address: 

If it is possible to determine your academic standing, you will receive a verification code after following the instructions shown in the screenshot above. Return to step 2 after getting a code, click the “Have a verification code?” button, and then follow the on-screen directions.

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How Do I Get Parallels Student Discount Cards?

College students can get an academic edition of Parallels. But only students from Canada, the United States, Japan, the UK, Korea, Australia, and Germany are eligible for this program. 

Before accessing the students’ plan, students must demonstrate their eligibility. A one-year student discount will be available to anyone showing proof of their status. 

Visit the Parallels website, scroll to the bottom of the page, and select “Students Edition” to access the students’ plan. You will be forwarded to a new page where you must fill out a form to verify your eligibility.

The first step is to select your nation from the drop-down list’s seven options. Enter your college, first and last names, email addresses, and date of birth after doing this. 

Please provide the email address for your school. To proceed with verification, click the “verify and continue” button. You will be provided with accurate instructions on obtaining the students’ discount for Parallels once your information has been correctly confirmed. 

Students at colleges who are ineligible must continue with the software purchase. Visit the Parallels website to complete this. Purchase the plan you desire by scrolling down. They have three plans, which we will discuss in more detail in the following paragraphs. The parallels student discount has helped students with their educational performance.

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Do Parallels Members Get Discounts Online?

Yes, Parallel members get discounts online. Parallels Access is the ideal method for connecting to a PC from a mobile device. The parallels student discount has helped students improve their educational performance.

Although most other remote access solutions have this functionality, Parallel Access is difficult to beat. With this approach, you can use desktop programs on a mobile device just like native ones. The following are what the parallel members get online, even at a discounted rate;

  • Outstanding User Interface (UI)

Many mobile remote access solutions only mirror your desktop screen on your mobile device. As an alternative, Parallels Access provides an app launcher comparable to your iOS or Android Launchpad. Then, you must tap the icon of the desktop program you wish to use on your mobile device.

  • Screen Resolution Optimization

Parallel Access has done an admirable job of optimizing mobile screen resolution when accessing desktop applications. You can choose the resolution that will make the text easiest to read. The software also allows you to zoom in and out of photos and text to improve reading. 

  • Simple Remote Deployment

It couldn’t be simpler to gain remote access to your PC. Everything takes place remotely, and setting up the connection is simple for a novice. To connect your devices, you must open the Parallels Access app on your mobile device, install an agent on your computer, and enter your login information.

  • Highest Level of Security

Parallels Access doesn’t store your data on its servers; data is transferred between devices. Additionally, you receive top-notch security features, including 256-bit AES encryption and SSL data security. In accordance with your security policy, you can also configure the security settings. 

  • The Clock Support

For all paid membership tiers, Parallels Access provides round-the-clock support. The assistance options include live chat, phone, and email ticket submission. Additionally, the platform provides compatibility with Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram.

  • Fair Pricing

The cost of this remote access service is reasonable. You can connect an infinite number of devices and five PCs at the same base fee. Additionally, it is a cost-effective solution with powerful virtual network computing (VNC) characteristics, particularly for users on the go.

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Is a Parallels Student Membership Worth It?

Parallels Desktop runs Windows and other operating systems alongside your Mac apps in a virtual machine. 

It’s an excellent alternative for people who still need specific Windows applications for their jobs or for gamers who can’t imagine playing anything else except their beloved Windows games. The parallels student discount has helped students improve their educational performance.

It’s also a fantastic option for developers that need to test their websites or apps on various operating systems. 

You don’t need Parallels Desktop if you’ve found native Mac apps that satisfy your requirements. One of the free virtualization solutions might be sufficient if you only need to run a few unimportant Windows applications. 

But Parallels Desktop is the best choice if you want the best performance.

Parallels Promo Code & Coupon Code 

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As low as $141.59 per year for Parallels Desktop Pro Edition 

Parallels Desktop Pro Edition is currently available for as little as $141.59 a year. 

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From $49.99 for Parallels Desktop 18 for Mac 

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Free Trial of Parallels Desktop 17 for Mac for 14 Days 

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Currently $19.9/year for Parallels Toolbox for Mac & Windows 

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Now only $176.99 per year for Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition. 

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Last but not least, Parallels features a unique program for students in particular areas. While other students will have to settle for a plan, these students can take advantage of their one-year discounts. 

For people who desire to run Windows applications on their MACOS, it is a fantastic piece of software. The parallels student discount has really helped students with an improved educational performance.

That is made feasible by the platform’s fantastic features and resources. What Parallels is and how students can start using it have both been thoroughly discussed in this post.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I use Parallels Desktop at a discounted rate for students? 

To get the student discount, confirm your academic email. Your product key will be emailed to you automatically so you can start working right away. 

What Parallels Desktop editions qualify for the educational discount? 

The only product version currently eligible for a 50% off education discount is the basic version of Parallels Desktop for Mac. 
There is no educational discount available for Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro Edition or Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition. 

Does Parallels Desktop already have Microsoft Windows installed on it? 

No, your Parallels Desktop purchase does not contain Microsoft Windows. Microsoft Windows is available for purchase straight from Parallels or within the application itself.

Which editions of Windows can be run on a Mac using Parallels Desktop? 

The most widely used operating systems (OSs) running on Parallels Desktop are Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows 11. Other OSs, including Linux and Google Chrome OSTM, are also supported.

Which Microsoft Windows applications are compatible with Parallels Desktop? 

Millions of people use Parallels to run hundreds of Windows programs on Mac without having to reboot. Microsoft Office, CAD software for 2D and 3D designs, Microsoft Visual Studio, and Steam are all common Windows products. The application you must run is not among those listed above. Try it out for free for 14 days by downloading the trial version.


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