15 Best Culinary Schools in Los Angeles | Cost, Requirements, How to Apply

There are many Culinary Schools in Los Angeles and each of these Culinary Schools in Los Angeles is very unique and offers great learning experiences.

Los Angeles is one of the most renowned food hubs in the US. It also has many five-star restaurants which are highly rated in the country and around the world.

Therefore, regardless of the Culinary Schools in Los Angeles you choose, know that you are rightly guided towards having a prosperous culinary career.

Are there Culinary Schools in Los Angeles?

Yes, there are numerous Culinary Schools in Los Angeles. These Culinary Schools in Los Angeles are outlined below;

  • Cerritos College
  • Cypress College
  • Long Beach City College
  • Los Angeles Trade Technical College
  • Institute of Culinary Education 
  • College of the Canyons
  • Culinary Academy at Contra Costa College
  • Diablo Valley College
  • Institute of Technology 
  • Orange Coast College
  • Glendale Community College
  • Columbia College
  • Bakersfield College
  • The Culinary Institute of America
  • American River College

How Much Do Culinary Schools Cost in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles City College costs a net price of $10,828 per year.

Los Angeles Trade Technical College also costs about $10,982 on a yearly basis.

Mission College, Los Angeles costs a net price of $13,851 for tuition and other costs.

Los Angeles Harbor College costs a net price of $12,831 a year.

What are the Requirements for Culinary Schools in Los Angeles?

Culinary Schools in Los Angeles mostly require a high school diploma or GED.

Some schools may require other criteria such as payment of application fees, and SAT/ACT scores. 

Furthermore, proficiency exams may also be among the requirements for admission into Culinary Schools in Los Angeles.

What are the Best Culinary Schools in Los Angeles?

1. Cerritos College

Topics like menu item pricing, meat-cutting techniques, culinary history, food microbiology, kitchen rules, knife skills, and operation costs are covered in the Cerritos College culinary arts program. 

This program gives students the opportunity to gain practical experience by working in the school’s culinary service and school kitchen facility. 

Furthermore, the same subjects are covered in the associate in arts program offered by this institution, but it also includes additional general education requirements.

This is a good reason why it is one of the best Culinary schools in Los Angeles.

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2. Cypress College

In the vicinity of Anaheim, Cypress College is situated close to Los Angeles and it is among the best Culinary schools in Los Angeles.

Fundamentals of cooking and baking, banquet operations, cost control in the hospitality industry, nutrition, purchasing, Garde manger, and menu planning are among the topics covered in this program’s curriculum. 

Students might also need to complete an internship in hospitality, which they do with eateries in and around the neighbourhood. 

Also, working at the café at this school is another way to gain practical experience. 

Lastly, the related associate of Science program at this institution requires 25 more units of general education coursework to finish.

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3. Long Beach City College

The culinary arts associate’s degree program at Long Beach City College offers classes in garde manger, gourmet cooking, foreign cuisine, nutrition, sanitary services, and other related subjects.

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In order to graduate from this program, students must complete four units of professional training. 

Also, Country clubs, bakeries, hospitals, restaurants, and fast food outlets are all places where one might gain work experience. 

This school also provides an 18-unit certificate of accomplishment program that covers the fundamentals of culinary studies if interested in finishing a shorter training course. 

Furthermore, this institution provides a 2-year certificate of achievement program for prospective students who would like to finish a course focused on skill development and career advancement.

This is a good reason why it is one of the best Culinary schools in Los Angeles. 

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4. Los Angeles Trade Technical College

Just outside of Los Angeles’s central business district is the Los Angeles Trade-Technical College. 

The culinary curriculum offers lectures in large volume event food preparation, salads and dressings, hygienic concerns, ice sculptures, food presentation methods, cold kitchen productions, and product identification. 

Through specialized activities like cooking contests and field visits, many courses could provide students with hands-on experience. 

In addition, the catering services, kitchens, cafeterias, and restaurants at this school are all accessible to students enrolled in this program. 

This institution also provides a program completion certificate that does not call for general education classes if students are not interested in finishing a two-year degree.

This college is one of the best Culinary schools in Los Angeles.

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5. Institute of Culinary Education 

The Institute of Culinary Education (ICE), formerly known as the International Culinary Center, has been recognized as the nation’s top culinary institution and among the best Culinary schools in Los Angeles.

The institute offers programs in baking, pastry arts, restaurant and culinary management, and health-supportive culinary arts. 

Also, classes are conveniently offered in the mornings, afternoons, and nights for each program for an 8–12 month duration.

At the end of the program, the school offers graduates jobs for a six-month span in order to acquire real-time skills and experience.

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6. College of the Canyons

A culinary arts certificate program is available from the College of Canyons. 

The curriculum is meant to get pupils ready for jobs in the restaurant and kitchen business.

Furthermore, students in the 34-unit curriculum concentrate on developing their culinary abilities, problem-solving in the kitchen, and general food knowledge. 

Additionally, principles of Baking, Culinary Foundations, and International Cuisine are among the courses that are available in this school.

This is a good reason why it is one of the best Culinary Schools in Los Angeles. 

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7. Culinary Academy at Contra Costa College

The culinary arts program at Contra Costa College encourages students to explore the many cuisines in the Culinary world.

Both its cutting-edge kitchen labs and its student-run teaching restaurant Aqua Terra Grill are sources of pride for the institution. 

Additionally, it offers students the ability to study abroad in Italy and the chance to increase their professional experience through events. 

These learning options assist students in quickly acquiring a wide variety of skills and competencies which makes them stand out in their careers. 

This is a good reason why it is one of the best Culinary Schools in Los Angeles.

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8. Diablo Valley College

The culinary arts program at Diablo Valley College gives students the training and skills they need to seek a career in the hotel and food service sectors. 

In addition to offering an associate’s degree in culinary arts, baking and pastry arts, or restaurant management, the institution also offers career technical certification in these fields. 

Also, campus amenities and a mandated internship program help students hone their skills and gain practical experience.

This is a good reason why it is one of the top-ranked Culinary schools in Los Angeles.

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9. Institute of Technology 

Modern culinary training is provided by the Culinary Arts School at the Institute of Technology to assist students in succeeding in a range of professional culinary professions. 

In this school, the basics of preparing pastries and baked goods, American cuisine, catering, Garde Manger, and other cuisines are taught to students. 

Also, for the purpose of developing their culinary abilities, students complete an internship in a commercial kitchen. 

It should also be noted that the American Culinary Federation has given the Institute of Technology its seal of approval and accreditation.

This is a good reason why it is one of the best Culinary Schools in Los Angeles.

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10. Orange Coast College

Cooking is a skill and an art that students of Culinary Schools in Los Angeles must learn including Culinary students at Orange Coast College. 

The culinary curriculum at OCC will be beneficial to the students as it would help them master both effectively.

Once enrolled at OCC, students attend courses in topics including bar management, baking fundamentals, sanitation and safety, and menu development. 

Also, students will study for a certification exam and graduate from the program in anticipation of a career in hotels, resorts, and prestigious restaurants in the Los Angeles area. 

Therefore, prospective students should plan to earn an associate’s degree in two years or finish the bachelor’s program in four. 

These programs would greatly benefit the cooking career of the students!

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11. Glendale Community College

Prospective students may kick-start their culinary studies at Glendale Community College as it is one of the best Culinary Schools in Los Angeles.

The college provides courses in culinary arts, nutrition, and tourism and hospitality management. 

Both lecture and lab time is included in every program. Students will also master culinary methods firsthand during the lab hours they are spent in modern commercial kitchens. 

Further, Beginning with courses like Professional Cooking Fundamentals as the fore, the study will then go on to more challenging courses like Commercial Food Preparation.

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12. Columbia College

Students who enrol in Columbia College’s culinary arts program will be prepared for a wide range of job opportunities in the food sector. 

Its Students graduate from courses with useful skills that will enable them to succeed in a field that is continuously evolving. 

Graduates will also thrive and succeed thanks to their fundamental knowledge of food science, nutrition, food safety, and international cuisines. 

The hospitality sector values chefs with degrees, according to Columbia Colleges and they prepare their students in line with this.

Lastly, the importance of formal education is growing in the dining and kitchen areas. 

Choose Columbia College today and allow them to assist you in obtaining the degree and position you desire.

This is a good reason why it is one of the best Culinary Schools in Los Angeles.

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13. Bakersfield College

In order to adequately educate students for employment in the hospitality industry, the Bakersfield culinary arts and nutrition curriculum combines theoretical and practical training. 

Students will gain practical experience working in the student-run restaurant in addition to studying in the classroom. 

Prospective students are advised to work toward a culinary arts associate’s degree or decide to pursue a career in food science. 

Moreover, another outstanding degree offered by Bakersfield College is in nutrition and dietetics, which will direct you toward a profession in culinary creation or dietary consulting. 

Additionally, the college provides shorter certificate programs. The adaptable, distinctive classes fit the needs of students.

This is a good reason why it is one of the best Culinary Schools in Los Angeles.

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14. The Culinary Institute of America

The Culinary Institute of America is regarded as one of the world’s top culinary schools and is highly recognized as among the best Culinary schools in Los Angeles.

Every campus of the school is amazing in all its locations. 

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The school has a student-run restaurant in downtown Napa as well as the main campus, where classes are held. 

Also, at the Culinary Institute of America, you can earn an associate’s degree in baking and pastry arts or culinary arts. 

Additionally, the school provides an accelerated culinary arts certificate program that will give its students a need-to-know lesson in all there is to know about the culinary arts. 

Finally, a master’s degree in wine and beverage management will help advance your profession., 

There are numerous options available upon enrolling in one of the programs.

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15. American River College

A fantastic hospitality management curriculum is offered by American River College, so it is seen as an ideal choice.

Its program can be finished in as little as 18 months, giving students the required degree in a short period of time. 

Furthermore, to earn a culinary degree while maintaining a full-time job, choose to enroll in full-time classes or finish a part-time program. 

In addition to culinary arts and baking and pastry, ARC also provides certificate programs in hospitality management. 

Additionally, a culinary arts restaurant management associate’s degree is available. You’ll spend time in the school’s four-star Oak Kitchen Cafe as well as teaching kitchens and classrooms, where you’ll get practical experience.

Overall, Its programs are very well-rounded and the school maintains its rating as the best among the Culinary schools in Los Angeles.

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How Much Do Cooks Make in Los Angeles?

The average cook in Los Angeles makes $35,775 annually. The average hourly rate for a cook is $17.20 an hour.

How Do I Become a Cook in Los Angeles?

Becoming a cook in Los Angeles requires a lot of grit, hard work and determination. 

Further common steps to be taken are;

  • Start at an entry-level restaurant job.
  • Earn a high school diploma or GED.
  • Enrol in a Culinary School and graduate from the school.
  • Get applicable work experience.
  • Endeavour to achieve higher certifications.

If you’re able to achieve the steps above, then a beautiful career in Culinary Arts awaits you!!

Best Paying Culinary Jobs in  Los Angeles with Salary

A cook in Los Angeles earns an estimated $28,000 – $41,000 yearly. 

Catering cook roles make $25 – $30 an hour. 

A Kitchen cook gets paid $26,000- 37,000 annually in Los Angeles

The average Line Cook’s salary in Los Angeles is $35,837 per year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does culinary school cost in LA?

The time to complete this education training ranges from 7 months to 2 years depending on the qualification, with a median time to completion of 2 years. The cost to attend Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Los Angeles ranges from $20,000 to $70,000 depending on the qualification, with a median cost of $41,000.

How much does culinary school cost in California?

California Culinary Academy: $19,200-$36,200

The California Culinary Academy’s program offerings include a certificate in culinary arts and an associate degree of culinary arts. The former costs $19,200 over a 12-month period, while the associate degree costs $36,200 for about 21 months of instruction.

How long is a culinary school in Los Angeles?

The Culinary Arts program consists of 642 instructional hours. Students are in the classroom for 432 hours and on their externships for 210 hours acquiring real-world experience in the culinary field.

Is culinary school difficult?

Yes, culinary school is a challenge! But it’s a challenge that thousands upon thousands of students have been able to meet. And you can too.

Does UCLA have a culinary program?

Food is integral to life. In addition to playing a role in human health and development, food relates to the environmental, economic, and cultural aspects of our society.

How hard is it to get into the Institute of culinary education?

The acceptance rate at the Culinary Institute of America is 97.2%. For every 100 applicants, 97 are admitted. This means the school is a nearly open admissions school. They accept nearly all students, so for the most part, you just need to submit an application to get in.


This article has successfully shown the plethora of Culinary Schools in Los Angeles while also highlighting the best Culinary Schools out of the rest.

All that is left is for prospective students to choose from any of these Culinary Schools in Los Angeles and apply.

In essence, start sending in those applications early so you can have a bright start.

Good luck!!!


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