15 Best Culinary Schools in Orange County | Cost, Requirements, How to Apply

If you want to learn culinary skills to start cooking like a pro, the culinary schools in Orange County are the perfect match for you.

The culinary schools in Orange County are widely recognized all over the US and highly rated by many. 

Notably, they offer many culinary programs, and the learning environments and facilities are top-notch.

Therefore, this article shall look at the top culinary schools in Orange county and their requirements and costs.

Are there Culinary Schools in Orange County?

Yes, there are Culinary schools in Orange county. 

The culinary schools in Orange County are;

  • Orange Coast College
  • Cypress College
  • Long Beach City College
  • Cerritos College
  • Los Angeles Trade Technical College
  • Culinary Lab Cooking School
  • Le Gourmet Culinary 
  • Culinary Kids
  • Saddleback College
  • Chef School
  • Adventures in the Kitchen
  • The Pastry School
  • Cozymeal Cooking School
  • Old Vine Cafe

How Much Do Culinary Schools Cost in Orange County?

At Culinary Lab School, One-day sessions range from $100 to $1,800 for the 12-week Cooking series.

Pastry school costs $1200 every academic semester for the master cooking series.

Los Angeles Trade Technical College also costs about $10,982 every year.

The cost of Adventures in the kitchen cooking school varies from $55 to $85 per person.

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What are the Requirements for Culinary Schools in Orange County?

Many culinary schools in Orange County accept online applications. Typical prerequisites include a high school diploma or GED certificate and academic transcripts. 

Also, culinary schools in Orange County require letters of recommendation and SAT/ACT scores. They can help applicants stand out.

What are the Best Culinary Schools in Orange County?

1. Saddleback College

In many of its programs, Saddleback College includes cooking lessons as part of the curriculum. 

Programs in culinary arts, catering, food service, foods, or nutrition are available as a certificate or associate degree options for students. 

Also, Students must enrol in a vegetarian cuisine or healthy cooking methods course even if the nutrition program does not require many cooking classes. 

Furthermore, the courses in nutrition, baking basics, cleanliness, food preparation, and culinary principles are all required in the culinary arts, catering, food service, and food programs.

This is a good reason why it’s one of the best culinary schools in Orange County.

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2. Orange Coast College

Cooking is a skill and an art that students of Culinary Schools in Orange County must learn, including Culinary students at Orange Coast College. 

The OCC culinary curriculum will benefit the students as it would help them master both effectively.

Once enrolled at OCC, students attend courses on bar management, baking fundamentals, sanitation and safety, and menu development. 

Also, students will study for a certification exam and graduate from the program in anticipation of a career in hotels, resorts, and prestigious restaurants in the Los Angeles area. 

Therefore, prospective students should plan to earn an associate’s degree in two years or finish the bachelor’s program in four. 

These programs would greatly benefit the cooking career of the students!

This is a good reason why it is one of the best culinary schools in Orange County.

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3. Cypress College

In the vicinity of Anaheim, Cypress College is close to Los Angeles and is among the best Culinary schools in Orange County.

The topics covered in this program’s curriculum include the fundamentals of cooking and baking, banquet operations, cost control in the hospitality industry, nutrition, purchasing, Garde manger, and menu planning. 

Students might also need to complete an internship in hospitality, which they do with eateries in and around the neighbourhood. 

Also, working at the café at this school is another way to gain practical experience. 

Lastly, the related associate of Science program at this institution requires 25 more units of general education coursework to finish.

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4. Long Beach college

The culinary arts associate’s degree program at Long Beach City College offers classes in garde manger, gourmet cooking, foreign cuisine, nutrition, sanitary services, and other related subjects.

To graduate from this program, students must complete four professional training units. 

Also, Country clubs, bakeries, hospitals, restaurants, and fast food outlets are all places where one might gain work experience. 

This school also provides an 18-unit certificate of accomplishment program that covers the fundamentals of culinary studies if you are interested in finishing a shorter training course. 

Furthermore, this institution provides a 2-year certificate of achievement program for prospective students who would like to finish a course focused on skill development and career advancement.

This is a good reason why it is one of the best Culinary schools in Orange County.

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5. Los Angeles Trade Technical College

Just outside of Los Angeles’s central business district is the Los Angeles Trade-Technical College. 

The culinary curriculum offers lectures in large volume event food preparation, salads and dressings, hygienic concerns, ice sculptures, food presentation methods, cold kitchen productions, and product identification. 

Through specialized activities like cooking contests and field visits, many courses could provide students with hands-on experience. 

In addition, the catering services, kitchens, cafeterias, and restaurants at this school are all accessible to students enrolled in this program. 

This institution also provides a program completion certificate that does not call for general education classes if students are not interested in finishing a two-year degree.

This college is one of the best Culinary schools in Orange County.

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6. Cerritos College

Topics like menu item pricing, meat-cutting techniques, culinary history, food microbiology, kitchen rules, knife skills, and operation costs are covered in the Cerritos College culinary arts program. 

This program allows students to gain practical experience by working in the school’s culinary service and school kitchen facility. 

Furthermore, the same subjects are covered in this institution’s associate in art program, but it also includes additional general education requirements.

This is a good reason why it is one of the best Culinary schools in Orange County.

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7. Cozymeal Cooking School

Since Cozymeal provides everything needed to succeed as a chef or restaurateur, it is not only one of the Culinary schools in Orange County but also one of the best. 

Cozymeal will assist students in achieving their objectives and turning them into a reality, offering everything from expert training to equipment rentals and catering services. 

The chefs at Cozymeal are accomplished professionals who understand what it takes to be successful in the food industry. 

Also, once training is complete, the instructors teach everything from knife skills to menu creation to owning and running a restaurant or catering company. 

Additionally, Cozymeal’s teachers have decades of combined expertise, so they know what it takes for students to succeed.

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8. Culinary Lab Cooking School

The school offers qualified courses in culinary arts such as food management, hospitality management, baking & pastry.

Instead of using textbooks and other traditional teaching tools, the CulinaryLab Cooking School emphasizes hands-on learning via the use of videos and other online instructional materials. 

The school also offers cooking training for beginning home cooks in addition to apprenticeship programs at prestigious bakeries and restaurants.

This is one of the best culinary schools in Orange County.

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9. Le Gourmet Culinary

Le Gourmet Culinary is a company that designs and remodels kitchens and also provides culinary lessons. 

It is a non-accredited culinary school, but it is one of the top-ranked culinary schools in Orange County.

With up to 12 students in most sessions and up to 14 students in their French Macaron classes, its culinary lessons offer individualized instruction from experts and small class sizes.

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10. Culinary Kids

Young students between the ages of 5 and 13 are introduced to the culinary arts through camps and workshops offered by Culinary Kids. 

The workshops aim to develop culinary skills and teach children baking, knife skills, and hospitality management.

Children are encouraged to make themed foods to share with their loved ones.

Along with cooking classes, it also provides summer camps, private parties, and after-school enrichment activities.

This is a good reason why it is among the best culinary schools in Orange county.

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11. The Pastry School

When you sign up for one of Stéphane Tréand’s five-day Master Series courses, you get the opportunity to learn how to bake from a master pastry chef. 

Choose from several courses that cover various topics, including how to make contemporary tarts and cakes, and traditional French pastries like croissants, brioche, and kouign amanns. 

Also, learn how to make impressive tiered cakes, delicate bonbons, and plated desserts.

This is a good reason why it is one of the best Culinary schools in Orange County.

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12. Adventures In the Kitchen

Adventures in the Kitchen hosts private cooking parties and events for children and adults in your house or places of business for individuals looking for lessons with a fun, social setting. 

The “Chopped”-style challenges, where teams compete and produce a dish to present to judges, are popular for wedding showers, bachelorette parties, or business gatherings. 

Also, Depending on the number of guests, the menu, and the venue, the price per person ranges from $55 to $85 for each person.

Finally, this is one of the best culinary schools in Orange County.

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13. Chef School

Chef school teaches everything from fundamental knife skills to vegan cooking at Costa Mesa, the swanky The Hood Kitchen. 

In addition, it holds private celebrations, cooking workshops, and camps for kids and teenagers. 

Also, The foundations of roasting a chicken, cutting it, using the scraps for stock, and preparing three meals are among the leisurely cooking courses available to home cooks. 

Furthermore, Every cooking class is BYOB, and students are invited to bring their own beer or wine.

This is a good reason why it is among the culinary schools in Orange County.

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14. Old Vine Cafe

Italian culinary classes are the best there is, bar none. 

Notably, Annual gastronomic tours of northern and southern Italy have been organized by Mark McDonald of the Old Vine Café in Costa Mesa in collaboration with the Italian Culinary Institute for almost ten years. 

From October 21 to October 30, students travel to organic farms and old-world wineries and take part in practical cooking sessions that involve creating pasta and cheese with institute master chefs. 

$4,000 to $4,500 per person is spent on lodging, cooking classes, and food. 

Also, Flights are not included in the price.

This is a good reason why it is one of the best culinary schools in Orange County.

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How Much Do Cooks Make in Orange County?

The average Cook earns $35,000 a year in Orange County, or $16.83 an hour.

How Do I Become a Cook in Orange County?

The steps to becoming a cook in Orange County are detailed below;

  • Get a job in a restaurant kitchen – This may not be easy at first but the frequent interactions and exposure to professionals is what matters.
  • Get a high school diploma or GED- A high school diploma is very important as most degrees or apprenticeship programs require a GED.
  • Attend a Culinary School – A degree from a Culinary school enables higher positions with better pay after graduation.
  • Obtain practical work experience – Training under the tutelage of an experienced cook will improve the knowledge and skills necessary. It is also a good networking opportunity.
  • Get a chef job to kickstart your career- Getting a chef job builds experience and networking connections that are more than necessary for a great career.

Best Paying Culinary Jobs in  Orange County with Salary

A Sommelier in Orange County makes up to $8000 a month.

Professors of Culinary Arts make an estimated $52.3k – $66.3k a year.

An executive chef makes $80,000 annually in Orange County.

Sous chefs earn $30 an hour.

A kitchen manager gets paid between $65,000 – $75,000 per year.

Also, a culinary supervisor gets paid an estimated $35.1k -$44.5k yearly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does culinary school cost in California?

California Culinary Academy: $19,200-$36,200

The California Culinary Academy’s program offerings include a certificate in culinary arts and an associate degree of culinary arts. The former costs $19,200 over a 12-month period, while the associate degree costs $36,200 for about 21 months of instruction.

Does OCC have a culinary program?

Whether you are a foodie looking to advance your skills as a baker or chef, or want to explore a career in hospitality management, the Culinary Arts Institute at Oakland Community College offers the hands-on skills and techniques you need to advance your career opportunities in the food and service industry.

Is culinary a 4-year course?

Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Arts

Although the entire Culinary Arts Programcan takes up to four years, the skills and techniques that you will develop is worth the while. Completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Arts has a lot of benefits.

Is being a chef a good career?

There Are Great Salary Opportunities

As of 2019, Executive Chefs nationwide earn an average salary of $68,000 per year, though that number is higher in major cities like Los Angeles ($77,000 per year) and New York ($82,000 per year).

How long is culinary school in California?

The program can be completed in just 18 months, giving you the degree you need is a short amount of time. Opt to take full-time classes or complete a part-time program which will enable you to get your culinary degree while still working a full-time job.

How do I become a gourmet chef?

A career as a gourmet chef typically entails extensive experience in food service and formal training in the culinary arts. Chefs usually gain experience as lower-level culinary workers, such as line cooks, before attending a training program and gaining promotion.

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Learning a Culinary skill may be the first step toward landing your dream job. 

Culinary schools in Orange County provide high-quality education in various educational fields. 

Also, many schools are available to help you build a successful career as a professional head chef, sous chef, or having your own restaurant.

Once you’ve decided to put forth the effort, all that remains is to select the school that best meets your educational needs. 

Good luck!!


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