Best Massage Therapy Schools In Utah | Cost, Requirement & How To Apply

To become a massage therapist in Utah, you need to find the best massage therapy schools. The Massage Therapy Schools In Utah have been successful in putting together comprehensive coursework along with training to prepare students for a good job position.

The degree known to be the complete package for learning all the skills needed to work as a therapist is the associate degree.

With an associate degree in massage therapy, one can understand the connection between the external and internal functions of the body.

Students in the Massage Therapy Schools in Utah are taught different massage techniques, each for a specific type of pain or tension.

This includes acupuncture, Chinese, Swedish, sports treatments, massage therapy and stone massage, all of which can be learned at various technical and vocational schools and colleges.

Are There Massage Therapy Schools In Utah?

Yes, there are a number of massage therapy schools in Utah and they require a minimum of 600 hours of schooling to obtain a license.

You can usually complete the program in as little as seven months if you are a full-time student. If you choose to go part-time, you can expect to graduate in 12 months.

During your coursework, you take classes in anatomy, physiology and various massage techniques, such as Swedish deep tissue massage and Chinese medicine treatments.

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How Much Do Massage Therapy Schools Cost In Utah?

The time to complete this educational training ranges from 4.6 months to 12 months depending on the qualification, with an average completion time of 7 months.

The cost to attend the Salt Lake City campus of the Cortiva Institute (formerly the Utah College of Massage Therapy) ranges from $10,000 to $15,000 depending on qualifications, with an average cost of $11,000.

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What Are The Requirements For Massage Therapy Schools In Utah?

Colleges only accept high school graduates or GEDs. Some institutions recommend taking science, health, and business courses at the college level.Your school will need to send official transcripts.

For an apprenticeship, the supervisor must complete the form and indicate whether they are satisfied with the candidate’s performance.

The paper costs $100 and must be sent to the Division of Professional Licensing in Salt Lake City. For out-of-state applicants, you must complete a 500-hour program or have 2,000 hours of work experience to practice in Utah.

If you trained in another state, you need 4,000 hours to get a license in Utah. If you have an NCBTMB certificate, you can practice in Utah even if you trained in another country.

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What Are The Best Massage Therapy Schools In Utah?

Utah has several massage therapy schools to choose from, including Salt Lake City and Provo, and both cities offer affordable rent, nightlife, shopping, and outdoor activities.

If you want to study in a place with a vibrant culture and a strong sense of community, choose one of the massage therapy schools in Utah.

Myotherapy College of Utah

This Salt Lake City school offers a 780-hour program with 39 credits.

In addition to state-mandated classes, core courses include Swedish Massage, Chair/Trigger Massage, Nutrition, Acutherapy, Oriental Meridians/Shiatsu, Polarity, Body Mechanics, Hands-On Shaping, and CPR.

Part of the training in anatomy and physiology takes place in the cadaver laboratory. Students perform three clinical tasks.

Among the many electives are various massage techniques, as well as aromatherapy, auriculotherapy, brain gymnastics, clinical orthopaedics, crystal and stone awareness.

Emotional release, energy basics, Feldenkrais, herbology, homeopathy, lymphatic drainage, meditative energetics, pharmacology, psychosomatic principles, Reiki and Yoga are also covered.


Healing Mountain Massage School

Here, students attend classes at the Salt Lake City or Cedar City campuses. The school boasts that its 900-hour program provides “the most diverse curriculum of any in-demand course offered anywhere.”

Classes include Zen and the Art of Massage, Hydrotherapy and Spa Techniques, Chair Massage, CPR/HIV, Awareness and Aromatherapy, Hand and Foot Reflexology.

Sports Massage, Post Event Massage, Rehab Bodywork, Energy Healing/Reiki , Crystal Healing/ Chakra Balancing, Prenatal Massage, Full Body Japanese Massage, Shiatsu, Craniosacral Therapy and Thai Yoga Massage are also covered.


Aveda Institute-Provo

The company, which bills itself as “the #1 beauty school in the country,” operates 63 campuses in 30 states. Massage therapy students attend classes part-time (three days per week) to complete the required 600 hours. Class sizes are only six to eight.

Courses include hydrotherapy, energy work, herbal aromatherapy and body movement techniques. Other classes teach methods of Swedish massage, deep tissue massage and prenatal massage; as well as spa treatments.

The student polyclinic on the campus serves the public. It hosts workshops led by industry professionals, resume writing classes and mock interviews, as well as an annual Industry Day where students explore career options.


Cortiva Institute-Salt Lake

This school has 40 locations, including Salt Lake City and Orem. The 736-hour MT program takes just seven and a half months to complete, with day or evening classes. There is an option of part-time employment.

The school advertises its “innovative, holistic curriculum.” Students study “a range of therapeutic techniques, from age-old approaches to those most in demand today.”

Acceptance into the program includes automatic membership in Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals, which provides free liability insurance. The school pays for state licensing and exams.

Students “have access to thousands of employers who prefer (Cortiva) graduates for interviews.”


Intermountain Massage Therapy College

Intermountain Massage Therapy College provides an environment where students receive an education that means they excel in the field of massage therapy.

They pride themselves on offering a comprehensive education with a special emphasis on knowledge retention, safety and a supportive environment.

With small class sizes for individual attention, the school’s interactive learning programs combine interpersonal education with the professionalism of a large school.

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The faculty and staff at Intermountain Massage Therapy College are assembled by a team of the best massage therapy instructors in the state.

It was with the help and support of these talented and top educators in the field that Intermountain College of Massage Therapy was founded.


Healing Mountain School of Massage 

Healing Mountain Massage School offers a 900 hour program. Each term is a blend of experience. Students receive four terms of coursework in anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology.

Massage courses progress from Swedish massage and seated massage to advanced techniques such as lymphatic drainage and Thai yoga massage.

Practical experience starts from the second semester. Related techniques include energy healing and even chakra balancing. Courses such as ethics of touch, business and professionalism complement the program.

Students have the opportunity to complete an additional 300 hours and receive holistic medical certification. The additional program includes in-depth bodywork as well as coursework in subjects such as nutrition, sound therapy, and geriatric health.


How Much Do Massage Therapists In Utah Earn?

According to the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), most practitioners in this state earn either an annual salary of nearly $37,500 or an hourly rate of about $18.

That’s less than the national average of about $41,400 a year, or $20 an hour. The top 10 percent of massage therapists in Utah earn about $64,250, or $31, which is not as much as the national average of about $78,300, or $37.65.

The lowest 10 percent in the state earn more than $17,800, or $8.50, compared to more than $21,300, or $10.50 nationally.

In 2016, there were 1,860 jobs in Utah. The BLS projects an increase to 2,650 by 2026. That would be an impressive 42 percent job expansion, much higher than the expected national average of 26 percent.

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How Do I Become A Massage Therapist In Utah?

To become a massage therapist in Utah, you must enroll in an accredited school with a DOPL-approved MT program. The agency requires that training programs consist of 600 hours or more. This includes:

  • 125 hours of anatomy, physiology and kinesiology
  • 40 hours of pathology
  • 15 hours of sanitation, first aid and related topics
  • 100 hours of work in clinics
  • In addition, the state provides 285 hours of instruction in massage theory, technique and hands-on training — plus 120 hours of basic Swedish massage movements.
  • Must be 50 hours of theory.

Programs culminate in an internship of at least one year and 1,000 hours. There must be 300 hours of training in massage therapy services and 310 hours of practical training.

After graduation, the next step is to apply to DOPL for a license. This involves paying a commission of about $100. The unit requires an acceptable score on the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination (MBLEx).

The Federation of State Boards of Massage Therapy administers the exam, which also involves a fee. Students take the 100-choice MBLEx test at Pearson VUE testing centers.

In addition, prospective massage therapists must also pass the Utah Massage Therapy Law and Regulations exam — for an additional fee. The DOPL requires medical practitioners to renew their licenses every two years.

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Best Paying Massage Therapy Jobs In Utah

Massage therapists in Utah have a wide variety of options, especially regarding the settings in which they can work. The state is filled with spas, hotels and fitness centers that hire massage therapists.

The state of Utah also offers many other jobs for a qualified massage therapist, including acupuncture offices, athletic training centers, college athletic centers, medical facilities, chiropractic offices, a physical therapist’s office, or even in your own home.

Massage Envy – Massage Therapists, Part-Time 

Marriott International – Spa Massage Therapist  

Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork – Licensed Massage Therapist

Xponential Fitness – Flexologist: Seeking skill sets in personal training, PTA, LMT, and dance/yoga/Pilates Instructors

Vail Resorts – Spa Therapist

Massage Therapy Schools In Utah FAQs

How Long Does It Take To Become A Massage Therapist In Utah?

After you complete your 600 hours at an accredited massage therapy school, you will need to complete 1,000 hours of supervised training to become licensed. After completing the supervised study hours, you will be required to successfully pass an exam that will test your knowledge of Utah laws and statutes.

What Is The Requirement For Message Therapy License In Utah?

Utah cosmetologist license renewal is required every two years on September 30th. The cosmetologist license renewal fee is $52. Utah does not currently require cosmetology continuing education hours for license renewals, but CEUs are always recommended to stay current with the industry.

How Much Do Licensed Massage Therapists In Utah Earn?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (2020), licensed massage therapists in Utah earn an average salary of $42,510 per year, excluding tips. Licensed therapists who choose to specialize in a specific type of massage or who choose to specialize in certain techniques can earn significantly more and develop a loyal clientele. Massage therapy as a career may be what you are looking for. If so, research an approved massage therapy school in Utah to find a starting point.

What Is The Requirement To Work As Message Therapist In Utah?

The Utah Board of Massage Therapy, Division of Professional and Professional Licensing, offers two types of massage therapy credentials in the state. A massage therapist (MT) must complete at least 600 hours of training at an approved massage therapy school and pass the NCBTMB or MBLEx national certification exam. This will allow them to obtain a license in the state to practice massage therapy.


Massage therapists in Utah learn to master a variety of practical massage therapy skills. Massage therapy schools also teach ethics and business planning skills to allow newly licensed therapists to explore self-employment opportunities in their new careers.

You may find ways to use the art of touch to aid in the rehabilitation of exercise-related injuries, or to help relieve stress and tension built up in a client’s body. Massage therapy causes the body to release endorphins, a natural pain reliever.

Bodywork is used to treat chronic conditions, aid in recovery from injuries and surgeries, and relieve pain in patients. A job in massage therapy can bring the satisfaction of helping people while working in a positive and exciting work environment.



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