Does YouTube Have a Student Discount? | How to Get YouTube Student Discount

The visual approach is the most effective method for learning a new concept; however, it is pretty expensive for students. 

YouTube is mind-blowing to watch, but the YouTube student discount is a positive way to save money. 

The future belongs to students. Thus, they should have the same opportunities as their peers.

One thing, nevertheless, that a lot don’t know is how to earn the YouTube student discount.

This article explains how to get the YouTube student discount, learn more about the YouTube student discount, comprehend how to access the YouTube student discount, recall how much YouTube costs for students, and find the cheapest ways to sign up for YouTube or watch YouTube live TV.

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About YouTube 

Today, YouTube has surpassed Google as the most popular search engine. Whether you want to check for a video on how to tie a shoelace fashionably or how to dissect an insect, YouTube is your friend.

Additionally, according to scientific research, visual examples are the most effective approach to learning a new concept.

Cost-effectiveness cannot be overstated, especially if money is tight. For this reason, most students would forgo a YouTube subscription in favor of a simple Google search.

The future belongs to students, and they should have the same opportunities as their peers.

The real query, though, is how much YouTube costs. You need to find the magic word, which is discounts.

Are there any YouTube student discounts? Like actually offering student discounts on YouTube?

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Who Qualifies for YouTube Student Discount?

If you can prove that you are a student, you are qualified for the YouTube student discount. A reduced price is given to students who are actively enrolled in school.

To be eligible for this offer, you must enroll in an American university that has been accredited.

You must also confirm your school ID on MLB’s website to be qualified for the student discount.

Utilize the MLB account to sign in, authenticate your student ID to gain access to the YouTube Student Discount, and then use the YouTube account to watch YouTube.TV to watch streaming on the YouTube channel.

Does YouTube Have a Student Discount?

Yes! Absolutely! Every college verified and approved by SheerID offers a student discount on YouTube. 

Additionally, YouTube introduced a new student package that makes its streaming services more affordable for college students. 

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Under the student discount for YouTube, a person would pay $6.99 per month.

You must first sign up as a student for a YouTube Music Premium or YouTube Premium membership to benefit from student discounts on YouTube.

You can receive the YouTube student discount for up to four years of student membership if you meet all of the membership conditions.

Another requirement is to be a student at a good higher education school where SheerID has approved YouTube student memberships to sign up for a YouTube subscription.

Check to see whether your institution or university offers student programs to save wasting time and frustrating yourself.

Follow these steps to see if your college or university offers student plans:

  •  Visit the student subscription homepage for YouTube Premium or YouTube Music  Premium.
  • Click to try it for free.
  • Provide details about your institution on the SheerID form.
  • If your college or university is listed, thank you; student programs are available.
  • You will be redirected from the website to YouTube to complete the sign-up process.
  • You will have to supply further papers if your eligibility is not instantly verified.
  • Depending on your location, you may receive an email informing you of your eligibility within twenty minutes or a day after the documents have been carefully reviewed.
  •  If the additional verification step confirms your eligibility, you’ll have to log back into your account.
  •  You can access your profile by clicking on your profile photo.
  •  A notice requesting that you finish the registration procedure will show when you select Paid memberships.
  • Select a payment option or develop a  new one.
  • Click Buy Viola to complete the transaction!

You’ll learn whether you qualify for the YouTube student discount after completing Step 12.

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Do YouTuber TV Members Get Discounts Online?

Members of YouTube can also receive discounts.

Making a list of supplies and signing up for YouTube Advantage are essential for members who want to benefit from the discount.

Internet connectivity is just one of the reductions.

No additional costs or penalties apply to the $64.99 monthly membership fee for YouTube.

Up to six accounts of your friends and well-wishers may share your membership. 

You won’t have to worry about sharing because YouTube works with most platforms (including iOS and Android).

Membership includes unlimited cloud DVR storage space, FOX streams, regional sports networks, local CBS, and more. So keep checking to learn how much YouTube costs for students who receive a discount!

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How Do I get YouTube Student Discount Card?

YouTube can get full-price discounts on several goods and services by utilizing plastic student discount cards that mimic credit cards.

YouTube student discount card helps students pay for essentials and certain pleasures, making student life more fun, rewarding, and memorable.

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The actions below should be followed to obtain YouTube Student Discount Card:

Step 1: Visit and click “Get Your Card” in the top right corner 

Step 2: Provide your email address (and confirm it)

Step 3: Enter the name of your training company.

Step 4: Complete the course information form (length of study, discipline, etc.)

Step 5: Choose the card and any additional features you want.

Step 6: Upload a personal picture of yourself

Step 7: Add your personal information

Step 8: Pay the card’s cost

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Is YouTube Student  Worth it?

Yes, considering that YouTube memberships generally cost $60 for a single person, whereas there’s a preference for college students.

Unfortunately, not everyone is eligible to join the membership.

You must meet the qualifications for YouTube membership before paying the membership fee.

You must be a student to be eligible for the YouTube student discount.

As a result, you can now enroll in an MLB TV membership.

For students, unlimited streaming is $6.99 per month. After this is done, students can also use YouTube and YouTube Music offline and in the background without being interrupted by ads.

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YouTube Promo and Coupon Code

Promo codes are words or combinations of letters, numbers, and symbols that you can use to get a deal or lower the standard price when you purchase.

An exclusive group of letters used on e-commerce websites to get a special offer or a discounted price on an item is a coupon code, also known as a promo code.

YouTube discount codes can be obtained through advertisements, after making a minimum purchase total, or in exchange for a referral from an existing customer.

YouTube is a well-known merchant in the telecommunications sector and runs the website. 

Use YouTube coupons and promotions to save even more money or receive free shipping on your purchase. 

Check out active YouTube coupons and deals online to save an additional 50% Off on your next purchase. 

Grab the discounts before they expire because most online coupon codes have time restrictions. 

Find the most recent and beneficial free YouTube coupons for the month. Popular right now: Get 50% off on clearance items.

For each permitted purchase, you can get points when you register for the My YouTube Rewards Card and the YouTube Loyalty Program.

You can utilize a discount coupon that you receive for amassing these points when making an online purchase.

To use the discount, copy the promotional code to your clipboard and enter it at checkout on YouTube.

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Make sure everything in your cart is qualified before placing your order because YouTube coupons only apply to specific items.

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 YouTube offers a distinctive experience that few other channels can compete with.

 With only a 15% YouTube student discount, students take advantage of these mind-blowing experiences at reasonable costs.

However, only high school or college students with valid student IDs are eligible for this discount.

Take advantage of the YouTube student discount while you can. 

To receive a student discount on your movie ticket purchase, provide your student ID to the cashier while making your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is YouTube

Over 80 live TV stations and movies and television series that may be watched on demand are available to users of YouTube’s online streaming service.
In a nutshell, YouTube combines the finest features of streaming and TV.

You can watch millions of live shows on YouTube as soon as they are released. 
The possibilities with YouTube are endless; you may stream and take in a variety of TV series, live shows, documentaries, and shows with 24-hour breaking news, national sports, etc., at your fingertips.

MC, Bravo, FX, USA, BBC World News, CNBC, Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, TNT, Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, truTV, Turner Classic Movies, and others are some YouTube networks.

Is YouTube Family Sharing Included In Price?

Yes. If you have a YouTube subscription, you may create a family group to enjoy it for free with up to five people.
When you establish a family group, you take on the role of family manager. 
Additionally, you can ask relatives (who must be at least 13 years old) to act as the family manager and join your group.

What are the Cheapest Ways To Sign Up For YouTube?

Where on the SheerID list can’t you locate the name of your school, in any case? Don’t be pessimistic.
You can also receive the YouTube student discount when recommending the streaming service to your friends and family.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription anytime, go to Manage Your Prime Video Channels. 
You can still view your subscription after canceling until the conclusion of your then-current payment cycle. 
When you cancel your subscription, the regular subscription fee is stopped, but the transaction for the current billing period is not refunded.

Is YouTube Premium worth getting

Basic All users can use YouTube for free. However, the premium version has several excellent benefits. 
The music, background play, and ad-free videos are the best parts of these benefits. Review the streaming services you pay for; if there are any, you don’t use, cancel or pause your subscription to save money each month.


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