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Ngena Lyrics by Joyous Celebration

Ngena, ngena, ngena ulindelwe
Ngena, ngena, ngena ubengcwele
Ngena, ngena, ngena ulindelwe
Ngena, ngena, ngena ubengcwele

Umphefumlo wam uphumule ezandleni ezNkosi
Umphefumlo wam usindiswe ezandleni zeNkosi
Ngena ngena, ngena
Ngena ngena, ngena
It’s been so long, away from home
Where you belong, come in and take your place
Don’t you give up
Coz he understands
His word is true

He’ll do just what he said(ngena, ngena, ngena ulindelwe)
It’s been so long since you went away(ngena, ngena)
Jesus is calling your name so(ngena ubengcwele)
Say yes, say yes

Umphefumlo wakho, Umphefumlo wakho(umphefumlo wam uphumule ezandleni zeNkosi)
(Umphefumlo wam)umphefumlo wakho, usindiswe(usindiswe ezandleni zeNkosi)
Ngena ngena, ngena
Ngena ngena, ngena
Woza kuJesu, his word is true, he is faithful, his love is all, you won’t understand it
Ngena ngena, ngena
You, you gotta put on your ropes
And just wait, wait on the lord yeah yeah
For his word is true yeah
He knows just what to do yeah(ngena, ngena, ulindelwe)
For his love is true

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So just say yes, yes to Jesus(ngena, ngena)
Ngena, ngena, ngena(ngena ubeyingcwele)
Umphefumlo wam uphumule ezandleni zeNkosi
Just say yes to Jesus, (umphefumlo wam usindiswe ezandleni zeNkosi) open your heart and just say yes
Ngena, ngena, ngena, ngena

For there is peace beyond understanding(ngena, ngena, ngena)
The is love, abundantly, the is joy, overflowing
So just say yes(ngena, ngena), ngeke akushiye, ngeke akulahle
Ngena, ngena. ngena, ngena, ngena
Uuu, uphumule, ngena ngena
Ngena uphumule

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