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10 Powerful Prayers for Judgment

Powerful Prayers for Judgment: Psalm 58: 10-11 “The righteous will be glad when they are avenged when they bathe their feet in the blood of the wicked. Then men will say, ‘Surely the righteous still are rewarded; surely there is a God who judges the earth’.”

The amount of judgment in the Psalms is frequently overlooked. We know that Psalm 137 blesses those who smash Babylon’s children against the rocks, and Psalm 58 encourages God’s people to rejoice when they wash their feet in the blood of the wicked, but the entire Psalter is filled with God’s judgment. Psalm 23, everyone’s favorite, speaks of God preparing a table for David in the presence of his enemies. This means that David’s enemies will be imprisoned while David reigns and passes judgment on them. C. S. Lewis concluded as a result that Psalm 23 was “sub-Christian.” You cannot, however, avoid God’s judgment on the wicked and the righteous prayers for judgment without eviscerating the Psalms.

Nonetheless, we were able to eviscerate. Some metrical settings of the Psalms tone down or completely eliminate these judgments. Even with a complete metrical setting of all the Psalms, we can avoid these passages based on the Psalms and stanzas we sing. When was the last time you sang Psalm 137 in its entirety, or any of Psalm 58? We select our favorite Psalms to read and reflect on.

Powerful Prayers for Judgment are prayers we say when w want to make a crucial decision in our life

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10 Powerful Prayers for Judgment

A Prayer for Discernment

Our Heavenly Father, life presents us with numerous challenges. It can be difficult to discern Your will in all matters, and I am afraid of making the wrong decisions or being duped. Lord, please give me discernment. Give me the understanding to know how to apply Your Word to my life. Protect me from the pit of error and bring my confusion to an end. Please grant this, O Lord. Amen.

A Prayer to Remain in Your Will

Lord, have mercy on Your servant. For it breaks my heart to think that I may not be walking in accordance with Your will. If it appears to You that I am deviating from the path, please correct me, Lord. By Your word, illuminate my feet so that my steps are sure and my judgment is sound. Keep me safe from the pit’s depths. Because You love me, Lord and You want everyone to be saved. Lord, hear me in Your mercy. Amen.

A Prayer for Choosing a Vocation

Lord God, in Your wisdom, You have assigned tasks to everyone. You have given us all gifts and given us all options for how to best use those gifts in service to You and our neighbors. Lord, grant us wisdom and sound judgment as we seek a vocation. Assist us in comprehending our abilities. Please help us to use our talents for Your glory. Because You are glorified in all that we do. Amen.

A Prayer to Avoid Offense

Lord, I want to bring You glory in everything I do. However, there are times when I am at a loss for words. I can sometimes hurt my neighbor with my words instead of helping them. Lord, I beseech You to control my tongue and give me the right words to say. I beseech You to give me the discernment to know whether or not to speak at all. I want to help others and bring You glory, Lord. Amen.

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A Prayer against Poor Judgment

Dear Jesus, You have saved us. You have given us new hearts and illuminated our dim minds. We pray every day that we may possess Your mind, O Christ. Cast away my youth’s ignorance and bestow on me the light of Your wisdom, the wisdom that illuminates all things. Lord, please guide me through life with Your wisdom. Lead me away from poor judgment and toward sound reasoning. I pray in Your name. Amen.

A Prayer for Godliness

We are not worthy of Your presence, faithful God. We are frequently slanderers of others. We pass judgment on our neighbor when we are guilty of much worse. Lord, help us to be faithful stewards of Your many gifts rather than hypocrites. Control our deceptive tongues and our critical eyes. Lord, keep our minds clear so that we don’t have any illusions about ourselves. Instead, help us to see our own sins so that we can see the sins of others and bring them the good news of salvation. Amen.

A Prayer for Sound Reasoning

Lord, it is often difficult to recall the wonderful gifts You have bestowed upon us. A sound and sober mind is one of the most easily overlooked of these gifts. The most wonderful gifts You give us are often the ones we take for granted. Father, give me gratitude for your gifts. Your Holy Spirit, enlighten my mind. Quicken me with Your word, and give me mental stability and wisdom so that I can gain understanding in my life. Help me to reason clearly so that I can remain firm in Your word and will. For You, along with the Son and Holy Spirit, live and reign now and forever. Amen.

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A Prayer for Preservation

Many seeds have been planted, Father, but only a few will sprout. As a result, keep us believing in the truth of Your word. Give us nurturing soil and keep us safe from the suffocation of sin and the Devil. Give us sound judgment and show us Your clear path. Close the doors that lead to destruction in our lives and open the doors that lead to life and opportunity to further Your kingdom. Keep the borders of our hearts safe and our faith in You strong. Amen.

A Prayer to Know Your Will

Dear Jesus, You teach us to pray for the manifestation of heaven on earth. However, I am frequently perplexed as to how to apply this to my own life. Every day, I am presented with options, and I am unsure how to evaluate each situation. Lord, assist me in discerning Your will. Speak to me through Your word, that my heart may be formed properly. Light up my mind and speak the truth into my life. Lord, renew my mind with Your spirit. Amen.

A Prayer to Restrain the Flesh

Dear God, I am completely impulsive. I have trouble thinking things through before acting on them, and I frequently end up causing far more harm than good. I frequently act solely on emotion and rarely consider the scope of my actions and reactions. Lord, grant me the patience and wisdom to know how to respond appropriately. Please assist me in remembering my neighbor rather than my offense. Because I want to reflect Your goodness in all that I do, Lord. Amen.

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