Sola Allyson – Al’ámọ̀ire (Mp3 Download, Lyrics)

Sola Allyson - Al'ámọ̀ire (Mp3 Download, Lyrics)

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Al’ámọ̀ire Lyrics by Sola Allyson



This is AL’ÁMỌ̀IRE

The song that I received for you, for me,

And for all of us,

And most especially,

For you,


You think nothing good,

I mean, you think nothing good about your life,

Because of somethings that had happened,

And they had suggested to you,

That there’s nothing good about your life,

So you are existing,

Instead of fully living,

So I have come,

To deliver,

This message,

Because of you from AL’ÁMỌ̀IRE,

The moulder of good,

Ire Nikan lonmo,

That you good,

That regardless of what you see,

The source from which you came is good,

So, originally,

You are good.

I don’t know what you met in ground,

I don’t know what your mother has told you,

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What your father has called you,

What your pastor,

Your prophet,

Your mentor,

The consequences of your mistakes,

I don’t know what they called you,

And even right now you are living in the consequences of your mistakes,

It was your fault maybe,

Then I have come to tell you,

AL’ÁMỌ̀IRE has sent me to you,

That you are good,

That the only thing is to look up to him,

To choose,

So he will bring his will dandan (by force),

And you will see,

The good that you are made of,

And as I always says,

My is too small to be the focus of my life,

I am walking this journey,

In all very good thing,

That has been made good
My identity



Ire Nikan ni,


Lof’amo Mon mi,

O’mo mi ire,

L’agbala ire,

Elemi ire,

Iye ni temi,

Ma ye la’jo,




Lof’amo Mon mi,

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O’mo mi ire,

L’agbala ire,

Elemi ire,

O’mi Ìyè Simi,

Iye ni temi,

Maa’ye la’jo,

So that’s the songs,


The moulder of good

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