IELTS Set to Launch a New Online Test in Early 2022

IELTS Set to Launch a New Online Test Soon in Early 2022

Have you heard about this exciting news of IELTS’s decision of launching a new “Online Test” earlier in 2022? If not, continue reading this article.

Ever since the pandemic, students across the globe have been facing problems, especially when it comes to education. The physical Classrooms have been replaced with virtual ones, but has this solved all of the issues completely? Keeping in mind the current situation, where Students are still at risk of being affected by the Covid-19 virus, IELTS has decided to provide students an opportunity to appear for the examinations at the comfort of their homes, an opportunity like never before! Don’t worry; there will be no compromise on the security because the online test will be delivered to students through a purpose-built platform that will include security features to ensure your safety while at the same time maintaining the test integrity.


This is undoubtedly a piece of great news because Students across the globe can now let go of their worries regarding reaching the examination centers and instead appear from the comfort of their homes or any other suitable locations. This Online Exam will follow the same pattern as it did in the previously written ones and may also lead to the faster declaration of the results. Since IELTS is known to test your four academic skills, including Writing, Reading, Listening, and Speaking (English), it will continue its same old pattern in an online form. If you are a student who has always dreamt of studying in the renowned colleges and universities of the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, or even the United Kingdom, then this Online test will make it a lot easier for you this time.

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In response to this significant decision of IELTS, Christine Nuttall, Managing Director IELTS at Cambridge Assessment English, says:

“We know that many students globally have been affected by the suspension of in-person testing, with their international education aspirations delayed by Covid-19…In response to this, the IELTS partners have developed a test that retains the quality and accuracy of IELTS to give education providers a clear indication of an applicant’s English language skills.”

As assured by the Managing Director herself, security will be a priority, and students will be delivered an experience that will be smooth and hassle-free. IELTS’ proctors will be trained specifically for this new change and the ways of conducting the examinations and will further ensure test integrity for IELTS Online.

Before summing up, I would like to add a few more final lines by Nuttall that instills more positivity and excitement. She says:“IELTS Online is the next step in enhancing the test taker experience around the world.”

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