Latest News In Kaduna State University.

Latest News In Kaduna State University

Kaduna state university is one among the few states where students can rely on, when it comes to making a choice for schooling especially because tuition fees are affordable but recently there has been a consistent increase in tuition fee, students should have the privilege to school with affordable fees.


Students at Kaduna State University (KASU) refused the State Government’s tuition fee increase from  ₦24,000 to ₦26,000 to  ₦150,000 to  ₦500,000 on Thursday.

During a meeting with student representatives organized by the Dean of Student Affairs, Dr Terhimba Wuam, the students refused the hike in Kaduna.

Mr. Abdulrazak Shuaibu, a medical student who spoke on behalf of the students, stated that tuition fees for students in the Faculty of Arts, Management, and Social Sciences had been raised from ₦26, 000 to ₦150, 000…

Shuaibu, a former President of the Kaduna State Students Union, also stated that the tuition fee for the Faculty of Medicine has been raised from ₦24,000 to  ₦300,000 for indigenous students and ₦500,000 for non-indigenous students.

He called the increase “shocking” in light of the current economic hardships that parents are experiencing as well as the negative impact of COVID-19.

He also stated that the students had disregarded the fee increase and urged the state government to reinstate the previous fees.

Students can no longer pay for their school and most importantly many students are withdrawing, this is total unaccepted and the state government should be able intervene

“At the moment, most students are struggling to pay the ₦26,000 fees, with a few dropping out and some female students resorting to prostitution to make ends meet, and more so at this critical moments where every single thing is so difficult and expensive.

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“This is because the majority of us come from low-income families where our parents struggle to feed us and pay our school fees. “Additionally, we are still recovering from COVID-19, and the state government is raising school fees. “This is unjust and unreasonable,” he declared.

He pointed out that, while some of the students were receiving state government scholarships, the total number of recipients was less than 5,000.

“This also implies that the government is providing us with scholarships while collecting even more money from us as tuition fees. As a result, we reject the scholarship,” he stated.

Mr. Adonalo Stephen, Secretary General of the National Association of Kaduna State Students, also spoke, pointing out that most of their parents were being fired from the civil service, a development that has already thrown many families into financial crisis.

As a result, Stephen urged the state government to reconsider its position and restore the tuition fee to its previous level, so that many young people enrolled in state universities would not be denied an education.

If the students cannot express their concerns and be heard by the government then it means we are living in a society where the future of the youth means nothing!!

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