15 Best Trade Schools In Oregon | Cost, Requirements, and How to Apply

This article explores the best trade schools in Oregon.

In terms of vocational education, Oregon offers a wide range of exciting courses that impart specialized knowledge. 

Trade school graduates in Oregon are prepared for careers in high-demand fields like law, cosmetology, healthcare, and skilled trades. 

We rank the top vocational and trade schools in Oregon to help prospective students find the one that best suits their interests and career goals. 

People enroll in trade schools to acquire a particular skill, so the educational component of the programs must be perfect. 

There are several license-required jobs in Oregon, and those who are interested in pursuing them must enroll in an accredited university.

Students enrolled in approved institutions may also receive federal financial aid. 

In addition to accreditation, private trade and trade schools in Oregon are required to obtain a state-issued license. 

In Oregon, the Private Career School Unit of the Higher Education Coordinating Commission issues licenses to organizations that offer training and certificate programs with a career focus. 

Thankfully, a lot of trade schools in Oregon go above and beyond to ensure that their students are properly trained.

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Are there Trade Schools in Oregon?

The top ten trade schools in Oregon are listed below, and each one is eager to educate the upcoming generation of highly qualified industry professionals:

  1. Elite Dental Assisting Academy Portland
  2. The Tech Academy
  3. East West College of the Healing Arts
  4. Oregon Institute of Technology
  5. Oregon Culinary Institute
  6. Portland Drink Lab Academy
  7. Epicodus
  8. Film Connection
  9. NECA IBEW Electrical Training Center
  10. National Personal Training Institute
  11. Klamath Community College
  12. Clatsop Community College
  13. Southwestern Oregon Community College
  14. Treasure Valley Community College
  15. Tillamook Bay Community College

How Much Does Trade School Cost in Oregon?

The average cost of tuition for trade schools in Oregon is $8,000. 

Depending on the type of certification, credit requirements for programs typically range from 24 to 48. 

Students can pursue an associate degree or a certificate in a variety of fields, including accounting, baking, culinary arts, business management/entrepreneurship, and fire science. 

They are all priced differently.

What are the Requirements for Trade Schools in Oregon?

The following requirements must be met by all applicants: 

  • need to complete an application form 
  • send the results of the SAT or ACT 
  • A high school diploma or GED is required as proof of education.

What are the Best Trade Schools in Oregon | 2024?

To assist prospective trade school students in locating a highly regarded, reasonably priced program, this article ranks the top 15 trade schools in Oregon. 

Additionally, it lists scholarship opportunities for trade school students as well as career and tuition information for trade schools.

 It also introduces popular trade school programs.

1. Elite Dental Assisting Academy Portland

It might be possible to build a prosperous career as a dental assistant. 

Did you know that the average hourly pay for a dental assistant is $26? 

The dental industry is also practically recession-proof. 

At Elite Dental Assisting Academy, the upcoming generation of dental assisting specialists is diligently being educated. 

It’s wonderful that so many students here receive job offers even before they graduate! 

More specifically, graduates of the Elite Dental Assisting Academy have a remarkable 80% job placement rate. 

The State of Washington Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board has also certified and licensed this institution.

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2. The Tech Academy

The goal of The Tech Academy is to teach computer science in a fun, engaging, and creative way. 

It was established in 2014, and since then, it has been destroying the computer education sector. 

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They have won a number of awards, including:

According to Best Coding Boot Camp Course Report, SwitchUp.Org 

Newsweek.com’s list of the top coding boot camps for 2018-2019 

With this information, you can be sure to find employment in coding, which has the potential to be one of the highest-paying industries. 

Their graduates have found employment with a variety of companies, including Disney, Microchip, Exterro, MindTree, Cook Security Group, and others. 

The Tech Academy also provides a variety of financing options, including:

Boost Financing Quotanda Loans

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3. East West College of the Healing Arts

Since its founding in 1972, East West College of Healing Arts has been in business. 

Prospective students will gain more knowledge about the science and practice of massage therapy. 

The East-West College of the Healing Arts also operates a successful massage therapy clinic in addition to being a college. 

Their buildings are huge, covering more than 35,000 square feet. 

The school is friendly while continuing to be formal and student-focused. 

East West College is dedicated to training healthcare professionals who are aware of appropriate professional behavior and have the ability to succeed. 

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4. Oregon Institute of Technology

The fantastic Oregon Institute of Technology is one of the most comprehensive universities in the region, offering 45 different specialized courses. This is one of the best trade schools in Oregon.

For anyone looking to pick up new skills and advance quickly in their future careers, this school offers well-rounded programs. 

Their educational program places a strong emphasis on gaining practical experience so that graduates are prepared to start working right away. 

An intriguing fact about Oregon Tech is that, within six months of graduation, 97% of its graduates are either employed or enrolled in graduate school.

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5. Oregon Culinary Institute

A career in the culinary arts can be very rewarding and provide a variety of job opportunities. 

Cooking experts can work in a variety of industries, such as catering, cruise ships, restaurants, hotels, and bars. 

This culinary school, which is also locally owned and run, is the only one in Portland. 

Practical training is heavily emphasized at the Oregon Culinary Institute. 

They believe that the best way to ensure effective learning is to have every student participate in every class. 

Due to the instructors’ understanding of the importance of dynamic and engaging learning, their courses and sessions are anything but static, dull, and monotonous. 

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6. Portland Drink Lab Academy

Similar to the culinary arts, mixology and bartending can lead to a variety of fascinating career opportunities. 

Instead of boring white classrooms, the Portland Drink Lab Academy offers a real-world bar setting. 

This will help students adjust to working in a real environment more quickly and successfully. 

Prospective students will learn how to shake, muddle, use speed tactics, and present alcohol. 

Students will be able to mix more than a hundred different drinks and cocktails by the time they graduate. 

A strong placement assistance program at Portland Drink Lab Academy links prospective employees and employers. 

For private parties, weddings, and other similar events, the school offers a variety of professional bartending services, which graduates handle.

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7. Epicodus

Epicodus is a school that focuses on instructing computer science, particularly coding, as suggested by its name. 

Their goal is to equip students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed and land well-paying jobs. 

In addition to professional conduct, self-marketing, communication, and a variety of other business-related topics, students can expect to receive instruction in computer science. 

With only eight students when it was founded in 2012, Epicodus’ first semesters didn’t start until 2013. 

Since then, the business has grown significantly, and it now provides services to hundreds of students annually. 

The fact that all of this company’s instructors are former Epicodus students is one appealing feature. 

Since graduating, they have accumulated a great deal of industry experience and precisely understand what the students are looking for.

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8. Film Connection

One of the most modern film schools in the region is this one. 

They possess the most cutting-edge machinery used in numerous renowned film studios. 

In a real production studio, students will have the chance to learn all about the production business. 

This gives them a chance to get a good feel for their potential careers. 

The education program offered by CFS is mentor-styled, making it more individualized and practical. 

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The best thing about this school is probably the fact that you are not left on your own after graduating. 

They have a program called Stay Connected that helps students find work once their studies are over. 

After completion, a fan can use this option forever. They also hire many of their best apprentices.

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9. NECA IBEW Electrical Training Center

The NECA-IBEW Electrical Training Center, one of the best trade schools in Oregon, was created to prepare aspiring electricians who wish to work in this lucrative field. 

They offer brisk, dynamic courses with the goal of equipping students with the knowledge and abilities necessary to succeed in this industry. 

On the third Tuesday of every month at 4 p.m., prospective students can attend a free informational orientation if they are unsure if this center is the right fit for them. 

Outstanding students will be given the opportunity to complete a paid apprenticeship with the business, which will strengthen their understanding and teach them how to apply it in a practical environment. 

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10. National Personal Training Institute

Overall, this school offers a comprehensive curriculum that will equip students with the knowledge necessary to be successful in the fitness and wellness sector. 

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11. Klamath Community College

  • LOCATION: Klamath Falls, OR

In Klamath and Lake counties in Oregon, KCC offers community education programs and associate degrees. 

In addition to offering courses and programs in the arts, humanities, engineering, and design, KCC also offers courses and programs in business, hospitality, management, and technology. 

There are also some additional disciplines available, including science, health services, and human resources. 

The on-campus AAS programs include those in accounting, cybersecurity and networking, psychology, and technical studies. 

KCC also offers online AAS degrees in business administration, criminal justice, digital media and design, and health information management.

Some students choose shorter-term, skills-focused career pathway certifications for jobs like electronic specialist, paraeducator, professional truck driver, and office support specialist. 

Two of the career services provided by KCC are cooperative work opportunities and mock interviews. 

KCC students can enroll in a few courses online for an additional fee. 

For new students, KCC provides specialized first-year experience programming.

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12. Clatsop Community College

At CCC, which has campuses in Astoria and Seaside, students seeking professional preparation and continuing education can pick from a variety of degree and certificate programs. 

There are four associate degree options offered by CCC. 

By earning an AAOT or ASOT degree, students can complete the lower-division requirements for transfer to bachelor’s programs. 

Transferring credits for the AGS degree, which allows students to select their own course of study, is not always simple. 

The AAS degree is designed for vocational employment and offers a skills-oriented curriculum in subjects like historical preservation, maritime science, trades, and business management.

Students looking for a more expedited and affordable educational path frequently earn vocational certifications, which can be obtained in 3–12 months. 

Through apprenticeships, students pursuing industrial mechanical, electrical, and construction trades acquire real-world work experience. 

Students from other classes may participate in cooperative learning opportunities. 

Some online courses are offered by CCC each semester, along with a variety of support services like career services, counseling, and tutoring.

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13. Southwestern Oregon Community College

The highest graduation and transfer rates among all community colleges in Oregon are at SWOCC in Coos Bay, which was founded in 1961 as the second community college in the state. The SWOCC is deemed one of the best trade schools in Oregon.

SWOCC provides options for the AA, AS, AGS, and AAS, as well as more than 70 vocational certificates and associate degrees. 

With typical credit requirements of around 90, SWOCC offers associate degrees in CIS software development, culinary management, and forest renewable materials arts & design.

Dependencies frequently range between 24 and 48 credits. 

Depending on the type of certificate they select, students can pursue an associate degree or a certificate in a number of subject areas, including accounting, baking and pastry arts, business management/entrepreneurship, and fire science. 

In addition to two entirely online degrees in digital design and childhood action and family studies, SWOCC offers a number of online courses. The majority of students get financial aid. The cost of tuition is not higher for out-of-state students.

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14. Treasure Valley Community College

Based in Ontario, TVCC offers a variety of quick certificate programs and associate degrees for students looking for credentials for a vocational career or a low-cost entry point into a four-year degree. 

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Students interested in a faster-track vocational degree frequently choose an AAS or a certificate program, while those seeking bachelor’s degrees typically pursue the AAOT degree or the ASOT in business or computer science. 90-course credits are typically required for an associate degree at TVCC, 48 credits are typically needed for one-year certificates, and 24 credits are frequently 

needed for career pathways certificates.

Equestrian science, equine business, crop science, and ranch and rangeland management are all distinctive academic specialties at TVCC. Political science, retail management, soil science, and nursing are additional study options. 

The student services offered at this Oregon vocational school include career counseling, tutoring, and financial aid. Online courses can be taken synchronously or asynchronously by distance learners.

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15. Tillamook Bay Community College

In addition to its north and south county centers and main campus in Tillamook, TBCC was founded in 1981. The Oregon Tech School offers certificates and associate degrees in a variety of subject areas, including education, agriculture, natural resources, and forest technology. 

Students can graduate with certificates in law enforcement, occupational skill training, and emergency medical services. While learners seeking entry-level employment frequently pursue AAS degrees or certificates, students planning on continuing their education typically earn an AS or AA transfer degree.

Business administration, criminal justice, public safety, welding technology, and manufacturing and industrial technology are among the AAS options offered by TBCC. 

TBCC connects students to occupational therapy assistants, diagnostic imaging, and nursing AAS programs that are partially or entirely online. through additional community colleges in Oregon 

To help graduates who are looking for work, TBCC provides career planning and exploration resources.

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How much do Traders make in Oregon?

Numerous trade and vocational careers offer bright futures in terms of employment and pay. 

For instance, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), paralegals, HVAC technicians, and dental hygienists will all see higher wage growth than the national average between 2018 and 2028. 

For professionals with a vocational certificate or degree, other trade careers with high job growth and earning potential include allied health, professional trades, and STEM fields.

Salary and employment prospects for graduates of trade schools vary greatly depending on the sector, level of experience, and location. 

Those working in technical and trade school occupations make $55,000 per year. Management jobs typically pay more than $96,000 a year, while construction jobs typically pay about $60,000.

How do I become a Trader in Oregon?

In Oregon, vocational and trade schools concentrate on six main areas: 

arts, information and communication technologies, engineering and industrial systems, food, agricultural, and natural resource systems, health services, human resources, and business management. 

At community colleges, technical schools, comprehensive high schools, and adult learning facilities, students can obtain vocational degrees.

Best Paying Jobs in Oregon with Salary 

  • Mechanical drafters. $56,970
  • Boilermakers. $58,140
  • Crane and Tower Operators. $58,750
  • Firefighters. $62,180
  • Construction and building inspectors. $62,230

Frequently Asked Questions 

What occupation pays the highest wages in Oregon? 

With an average pay of $238,260, “dentists and all other specialists” earn the most money in Oregon. The top nine are all in the medical industry, and chief executives, with an average salary of $167,950, are ranked tenth. 

In Oregon, what positions are most needed? 

Retail salespeople, personal care assistants, truck drivers, cooks, nursing assistants, and nurses were among the occupations in Oregon with the most open positions in the past year. Other occupations on the list included nurses and nursing assistants. Housekeepers and truck drivers were particularly difficult to locate.

What is the typical wage in Oregon? 

Oregon’s average weekly wage for workers in 2019 was $1058, which was less than the $1,139 weekly wage for all of the country. According to industry, Oregon workers made an average of $55,027 per year in 2019.


There is no denying that not everyone is a good fit for traditional education. 

However, it doesn’t mean you can’t continue your education just because traditional colleges aren’t a good fit for you. 

Students who want to acquire practical specialized skills that will aid in their job search should consider trade schools. 

Scholarships are available from governmental bodies, businesses, and foundations for students aiming for a degree or certification in a vocational field. 

Along with the scholarships listed below, students may also be able to find opportunities based on their major or school. 

It would be a shame to miss out on such opportunities when there are so many options available everywhere.


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