Rhodes Scholarship at Oxford University for Bright Postgraduate Students

Applications for the 2024 Rhodes Scholarship have been made available to qualified individuals who wish to enrol in courses at Oxford University in the United Kingdom.

The Rhodes Scholarships have just lately been given out in 20 constituencies (representing over 60 different countries). The Rhodes Scholarships are now entirely international thanks to two new Global Scholarships that are open to qualified applicants from around the world (subject to nomination).

This Scholarship is seeking exceptional young leaders who are driven to tackle global issues and advance peace and understanding on a global scale.

The Rhodes Scholarship is a fully funded, full-time postgraduate grant that allows bright young people from all around the world to study at Oxford.

Level/Field of Study

This scholarship is designed for postgraduate students to further their studies at Oxford University. The scholarship covers courses offered by Oxford University.

Host Nationality

This scholarship is brought to you by Rhodes Trust. The Rhodes Trust is an educational charity, located in Oxford, United Kingdom, which brings together and develops exceptional people who are impatient with the way things are and dare to act.

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Eligibility for the Rhodes Scholarship

You must adhere to the following criteria to be eligible for the Rhodes Scholarship:

a. Citizenship or nationality: Only if you are ineligible to apply through any current Rhodes constituency may you apply for the Global Scholarships. You should also think about inter-jurisdictional consideration rather than the Global Scholarship if you have a close relationship with one or more Rhodes constituencies but do not match their eligibility requirements.

b. Age: You must fit one of the following requirements:

I. You must be at least 18 years old and under 24 on October 1, 2024. OR (for older candidates who completed their first undergraduate degree later than usual)

II. You must not be older than 27 on October 1, 2024, and you must have satisfied or be on to fulfil the academic requirements for your first undergraduate degree by October 1, 2021, or later.

c. Academic success: You must already have completed or will have completed by July 2023, an undergraduate degree (typically a Bachelor’s degree), with an academic background and grade, that, at the very least, meet or exceed the specific entry requirements of your chosen full-time course at the University of Oxford.

Candidates who hold a First Class Honours Degree or the equivalent, or a GPA of 3.70/4.0 or better, will have a stronger chance of being admitted to Oxford because of the extremely fierce international competition for spots at the University of Oxford.

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d. English language proficiency: You must possess a high enough level of English to satisfy the University of Oxford’s requirements (at the Higher Level listed).

e. If you are unsuccessful in your initial application for a Rhodes Scholarship, you may only reapply once (and it must be for the same constituency), provided you still meet the eligibility requirements.

How to Apply for Rhodes Scholarship

You require a letter of nomination from your university to apply for the Global Scholarship. Note that you are not permitted to nominate yourself. You must fill out the application form to register the information of a suitable nominator, and you cannot submit your application until they have done so.

you must submit your application online together with any required documentation by 23:59 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), August 1, 2024,

To begin their application, click the button below.

Scholarship Award

All University and College fees, a living allowance of £17,310 per year, a settling-in allowance, health insurance, a visa, and two economy class flights to and from the UK are all covered by a Rhodes Scholarship. These flights are taken at the start and end of the student’s time at Oxford.

The scholarship has a two-year basic term that is always contingent upon satisfactory academic progress and behaviour.

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Deadline for Rhodes Scholarship

This scholarship is bound to close on 1st August, 2024.

About Rhodes

Talented young people from all around the world can study at the University of Oxford thanks to the Rhodes Scholarship, a fully funded, full-time postgraduate award.

Although applying for the Scholarship is difficult, it is an experience that has helped countless young people achieve. We welcome applications from all talented students.

Most full-time postgraduate programmes provided by Oxford University are open to Rhodes Scholars who have spent two or more years in the UK.

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