9 Powerful Prayer For Patience

Prayers for patience are among the most frequently uttered by me. After all, there are many aspects of life that require patience. We require it in our interpersonal relationships. In our circumstances; at work; and in our service.

We need it when we look around the world and see so much chaos. We require it as we await the return of our Savior. Yes, patience is beneficial in many ways. As a result, it’s worth developing and certainly worth praying for.

Reading and praying the Scriptures is a blessing. I hope they serve the same purpose for you as you pray the Scriptures for patience with me.

Praying for Patience

Spend some time in silence before the Lord, waiting patiently for His response. Pray that He will keep you from being concerned about evil people who appear to prosper, or those who carry out evil schemes. Ask the Lord to help you refrain from anger and wrath, and to choose not to worry because it accomplishes nothing of value. Make use of God’s promise that evildoers will be cut off, but those who wait for the Lord will inherit the land.

Recognize God that the end of something is better than the beginning and that it is worth waiting for. Accept that being patient in spirit is preferable to being proud in spirit. Ask for His grace to keep you from becoming angry in your spirit, because anger lives in the hearts of fools.

Pray that God will help you to walk in a way that is worthy of the calling to which you have been called, with humility, gentleness, and patience. Please bear with one another in love, eager to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. Ask Him to help you be more patient with the people in your life.

Thank God that He is not neglecting His promise to return, but is delaying because of His patience with mankind, not wishing for any to perish, but for all to come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9). Ask Him to give you patience as you wait for His return, as well as compassion for those who do not yet know Him as their Savior.

Request that the Lord grant you perseverance and faith during times of persecution and affliction. Praise Him for this proof of God’s righteous judgment, so that you may be considered worthy of God’s kingdom, for which you are also suffering.

Pray that God will help you not to become weary of doing good, but to serve patiently, knowing that if you do not give up, you will reap in due season.

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Thank you, Jesus Christ, for coming into the world to save sinners. Thank Him for His mercy, so that Jesus Christ may show His perfect patience in you as an example to others who will believe in Him for eternal life. Pray that He will help you follow His example of patience, especially given how much patience He has shown you.

9 Powerful Prayer For Patience

1. Prayer For Patience To Guide Me Through My Marriage

Abba Father. Allow me to patiently await my spouse and the life we have chosen to live together. Allow your mighty name, Heavenly Father, to guide us not to grow weary and impatient of one another, and to help us focus on glorifying your grace rather than on the wrong thing.

Remind us to be understanding of one another, and give us permission to acknowledge your glory as our powerful tool for driving away all evil. Thank you, Lord, for this patient prayer offered by your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

2. Prayer for a Better Understanding of God’s Patience Toward You

Almighty God, Please have mercy on me, a sinner. I am aware that my impatient actions reveal sin and disbelief in my soul that I have not dealt with. Assist me in seeing and comprehending who you are. You are a God who is always patient and gracious.

I know you are not a God who is slow to fulfill your promises, but you are patient with me, not wishing for my death, but for all people to come to repentance. Help me comprehend the great depths of love and mercy you have showered on me because of your Son.

Forgive me for forgetting the patience you give me as I grow and mature as a Christian disciple. Allow me to never take you for granted, but rather treasure you for the rest of my life. Because your kindness and patience are meant to lead me to repentance.

Forgive me for my road rage, barking at my family, rushing the store clerk, and being snappy with a coworker. All of this boils down to my impatience, selfishness, and lack of faith in your mercy on my life. I don’t want to commit the sin of impatience any longer. I no longer want my soul to be rooted in the belief that I am selfish, insufficient, and self-righteous — that you and your mercy are insufficient for me.

As I lay my fears, inadequacies, pride, and pain at the foot of the cross, please help me to glorify you. Help me to glorify you as I fail by admitting my sin and looking to the cross as I repent to you and those I’ve hurt. Amen

3. Prayer For Patience To Guide Me Through My Life

Dear Papa, I praise your holy name and marvel at your ability to deliver sinners from the depths of hell[1]. I believe in your glory and wisdom, and I thank you for your grace as I ask for patience to guide me through my life.

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Help me to be more patient with the important details. Please assist me in waiting patiently for the right time to arrive and success to knock on my door. Allow me to remain calm and confident in your plans and divine guidance. Permit me not to forget any of your Bible teachings.

As I follow my worldly path and wait for your promise of eternal life, please let me cling to your knowledge. In the name of your Son, Jesus, I offer these prayers for patience. Amen.

4. Prayer for Patience in Suffering

Father, I am in agony before you. I know my feelings today pale in comparison to how you felt as your Son died on the cross. Please forgive me for my impatience and lack of comprehension in this situation, Jesus.

You have endured far more than I could ever imagine for my sins, being beaten, mocked, abandoned, and separated from the Father. That is unimaginable, Lord, so please help me to remember your immense patience in your suffering for me. Help me to be patient with others who are suffering, as well as patient as I wait for you to move in the midst of my own.

This trial’s agony feels unbearable. Please remind me that your burden is light and your yoke is easy. I want to be strong and patient while I wait for you. Lord, I believe; however, please help my unbelief.

Help me to believe that your timing is impeccable and that everything works out for my good and your glory. Help me to rejoice in the midst of my suffering and to find my joy in you. Suffering, I know, breeds perseverance and sanctifies my soul. Assist me in focusing on you and what you want me to learn.

We have access to the fruit of the Spirit if we have the Spirit dwelling within us. Let us remember to put on your love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

Help us to believe in your sovereign plan so that we can be faithful in affliction, endure suffering, and rejoice even in the midst of pain. Regardless of my circumstances, I want to be faithful to seek and treasure you in all that I do and say. Amen.

5. Prayer For Patience For My Children

Oh my God, As a mother, I ask for your assistance in maintaining my composure as I look after my children. Lord, keep me from losing my temper and help me to remain patient with my child’s behavior.

Don’t let me get frustrated over situations that are beyond my control, and educate me to be patient with my kids no matter what. I put my trust in your word, Lord, and I let your grace fill my soul so that I might have the restraint and perfect patience you desire for my kids. I ask in the powerful name of Jesus. Amen.

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6. Prayer for Patience in Loving Others

I know that only you can love others perfectly, Lord. You are righteous, merciful, patient, sovereign, holy, and just. Nonetheless, you invite me to love others as you do. Forgive me when I fall short, and help me to stay grounded in your love and grace. I find it difficult to be patient with my family, and my friends’ quirks, at the store, in traffic, and while waiting on you in trials.

However, I don’t want the world to see my impatience and snappy attitude as a reflection of you. Despite my circumstances, your love for those around me appears to be patient.

I want to love the Church in the same way that you have called all Christians to love one another. I want to show those outside the Church what it means to be patient. I want to honor the patience and mercy you have shown me.

I want my patient demeanor to draw attention to You. Please give me the wisdom and strength to do this. Father, I want to show the world this kind of patience in order to point them to your grace and glory. Use me, a humble sinner, to glorify you, O God.

Assist me in living out the new identity you have given me through your Son. Please excuse my impatience with others. I am aware that I am called to imitate you in all humility and gentleness, patience, bearing with one another in love, and maintaining a spirit of unity. I am patient because you were patient with me first. Because you first loved me, I can love. I’m gracious because you’ve been so kind to me. Amen.

7. Prayer For Patience During Challenging Times

Dear Jesus, Please remind me, as I navigate these trying times, that hardship breeds endurance, and endurance breeds character. Please remind me that only you have the power to cast out all the anxiety I feel about the things I do every day. Father God, please help me to have patience with all of the difficulties I encounter every day.

Teach me the skill of comprehending others, especially those who are struggling just as hard to find joy amidst the rage that permeates our daily lives. Have mercy on your obedient child, Lord, and make your blessed name the blessing we require each morning as we begin our existence in this world. Amen.

8. Prayer For Patience And Peace Within My Family

Oh my God, I earnestly ask that you give my family patience and tranquility. Please help us to be kind to one another and to forgive one another no matter what. Please lead us so that we can speak honestly to one another without harboring any ill will or other bad ideas.

Please help us to appreciate the moment we have and to keep in mind that when we fail, we have our family to turn to in addition to you. In the name of Jesus, we pray for these. Amen.

9. Prayer For Patience And Understanding

Lord, Help me to be understanding and patient with others, especially those who require more time to process information. Please enable me to comprehend their situation so that I don’t develop a selfish attitude. I would like to give all the blessings I have received to people who genuinely need them.

I’m more than willing to be one of your cavaliers, so use me as your tool. Through Jesus, I pray for all of these things. Amen.

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