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How to discover your purpose in life – daily bible study

Hello! good people of God, welcome to another episode of our daily bible nuggets, in today’s episode, you will learn a powerful message from the bible. The title of this episode is, how to discover your purpose in life.

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In the book of Exodus chapter three from verse one, we read the story of Moses and the burning bush. A story of how God called Moses from the burning bush and tasked him with the mission of going down to Egypt to free the Israelites from slavery.

Prior to God calling Moses in the wilderness at Horeb, Moses saw a burning bush that was not consumed, he was perplexed and bewildered, Moses thought, I will go over and see this strange sight, why the bush does not burn up. In verse four of same chapter three, the scripture says that when the Lord saw that he had gone over to look, God called to him from within the bush. And Moses said, here I am.

This very passage of the bible has a very powerful and tremendous lesson for everyone, and the message is clear.

Do you want to know what your purpose in life is, then learn to be an explorer, learn to be an adventurer, learn to try new things, be curious to know more, face change and embrace it, be dynamic and ready to learn new things, get out of your comfort zone and explore new things, because that’s how to grow.

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When Moses saw the burning bush, he could have run away in fear. Instead, he faced his fears and took the bold step to observe and learn. After all, he is already in the bush and all alone in the wilderness, he is already exposed to danger, hence, there is no need to start running away.

Sometimes most of us run away from challenges that will bring us to our destinies even when we know that running away does us no good.

 If you wish to know what your purpose in life is, then learn to try new things, learn to explore like Moses did, don’t just restrict yourself to one system and pattern, travel out, meet new people, ask questions, make observations, compare your findings and see what best suits you.

Don’t be afraid to start that new business or take that Job, accept the offer and see what it can offer you, then take your decision based on your findings, by the time you have tried several things, you will definitely pick one that you are most comfortable with.

Some people are lucky to identify their calling early in life, while some are not, but by trying out several things, you will be able to pick at least one thing that you are very good at, perhaps that could be your calling.

So, let’s learn from Moses to always give our shot to opportunities and hope the best comes out of it. And as we do so, we ask for God’s guidance. May the good Lord light up our path with his divine luminance. Don’t give up, for it is not over, the lord is with you and you will surely overcome. Keep trying your best child of God, for the Almighty God will never forsake you; he will show you the way and lead you in the right path of your destiny and purpose in life

Therefore, rejoice for the Lord is on your side.

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May the peace of the living God Almighty, be with you forever and ever, AMEN



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